Tambadana Short Term Loan

A fast approval loan for your emergency needs with up to RM10,000 worth of financing and tenures of up to 1 year. Get a fixed interest rate of 18% per annum throughout the tenure and enjoy no early settlement fee. Apply without a guarantor or collateral!

Tambadana Short Term LoanFast loan up to RM10k
Interest Rate
From 18% p.a.
up to RM10k
up to 1 year
Loan Type
Unsecured Loan
Min. Income

Loan calculator

Interest rates

Based on your loan amount & loan period, the interest rates are as low as the following

You borrowLoan periodYour IncomeInterest rate
RM1,000 - RM10,00012 monthsmin. RM18,00018% p.a.

Fees & Charges

Interest Rate / APR
As low as 18% p.a.,depending on loan amount and period
Processing Fee
 15%  of the whole amount
Stamp Duty
 5%  of the whole amount
Early Termination Fee
Late Penalty Fee
 8%  from current outstanding amount, and per annum


Minimum Annual Income
Minimum Age
  • 20 to 60 years old
Who can apply
  • Malaysians
  • Salaried employee

More Information

There is nothing more frustrating than having to seek extra money during emergencies. If you have looked down and below for a solution, applying for a loan isn’t necessarily a bad choice—quick loans, especially, however sceptical it may sound—can help lessen your financial burden during tough times.

What is Tambadana?

Tambadana is a short-term loan offered by Wawasan Cojaya Sdn Bhd (“Service Provider”), accessible to those in need of extra funds. Aiming to provide local Malaysians with financial stability, the Service Provider offers a fast and secure financial service through Tambadana which is available online 24/7 via their official website and mobile app (only downloadable via Google Play Store for now).

What are the loan features?

With Tambadana Short Term Loan, you can apply for a minimum of RM500 up to RM10,000 worth of financing over loan tenures between 1 month to 12 months. This, however, will depend on how much you’re earning in a month.

For example, you will need to earn at least RM1,500 to be eligible for a loan amount between RM500 to RM1,000 for 1 to 3 months of loan tenure. Meanwhile, if you’re earning RM3,000 monthly, you’re eligible to apply between RM1,000 to RM10,000 of financing over tenures of 3 to 12 months.

The interest rate, on the other hand, is fixed no matter your monthly income, loan amount and loan tenure. For both financing tiers, you will get an 18% interest rate per annum.

Nevertheless, please note that your loan amount, interest rate and effective interest rate are subject to the Service Provider’s approval criteria. Have a look at the Product Disclosure Sheet here for more details.

Are there any fees or charges?

Yes, there are. Tambadana has a few fees or charges such as Processing Fees, Stamp Duty, etc. that you should take note of before making an application.

  • Processing Fees: From RM50 or 15% of your loan amount
  • Stamp Duty: 5% of your loan amount
  • Credit Report Fees: RM25
  • Attestation Fees: RM50
  • Platform Fees: From 5% to 8% of your loan amount, depending on loan tenure

Additionally, based on the Product Disclosure Sheet, you will be charged an 8% interest rate per annum if you fail to meet your monthly repayment obligations, calculated from the overdue date until the date of the full repayment. So be sure to make a prompt payment every month!

Can I settle my loan early?

Yes, you can. With Tambadana, you’re allowed to settle your loan earlier than the agreed tenure in full or partially. To do so, you simply need to inform the Service Provider i.e. Wawasan Cojaya Sdn Bhd, one month prior through an email. You will not be charged any fees for an early loan settlement.

Who is eligible to apply for Tambadana Short Term Loan?

Any Malaysian citizen with a valid IC/MyKad aged between 20 years to 60 years old can make an application for a Tambadana Short Term Loan. You must also be a permanent employee earning at least RM1,500 per month to be eligible.

What are the required documents to apply for this loan?

To make an application with us, please prepare the following documents.

  • Copy of your IC (front and back)
  • Latest 3 months salary slips
  • Latest 3 months' bank statement (with salary crediting)
  • Latest EPF or Tax Declaration Form (BE Form)
  • Copy of the latest utility bill (electricity, water, etc.)
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