Yayasan Ihsan Rakyat Personal Financing-i

A fixed rate Islamic personal financing for Malaysian civil servants only. Get a higher financing limit of up to RM300,000 with a lower income requirement of RM1,500. Not applicable to the Army and Police.

Yayasan Ihsan Rakyat Personal Financing-iHigher Margin, Flat Rate
Profit Rate
From 6.65% p.a.
up to RM300k
up to 10 years
Loan Type
Unsecured Islamic Financing
Min. Income

Loan calculator

Profit rates

Based on your loan amount & loan period, the profit rates are as low as the following

Financing ValueFinancing periodYour IncomeProfit Rate
RM3,000 - RM300,00012 to 120 monthsmin. RM18,0006.65% p.a. - 9.99% p.a.

Fees & Charges

Profit Rate / APR
As low as 6.65% p.a.,depending on financing amount and period
Processing Fee
Stamp Duty
 0.5%  of the whole amount
Early Termination Fee
Late Penalty Fee
 1%  from current outstanding amount
Mode of Payment
You must pay your financing installment by salary deduction


Minimum Annual Income
Minimum Age
  • 20 to 58 years old
Who can apply
  • Malaysians
  • Government employee

More Information

Who is Yayasan Ihsan Rakyat (YIR)?

YIR established in 2012 is a foundation incorporated under the Companies Act 2016 with a company registration number 201201017719 (1003231-A). YIR is not part of the cooperative society under the Co-operative Societies Act 1993.

Who can apply for Yayasan Ihsan Rakyat Personal Financing-i?

First of all, this fixed-rate Islamic personal financing is open to all civil servants of the Malaysian government for the following employers only:

  • Accountant General
  • Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM)
  • Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
  • Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

You are also required to meet the minimum eligibility criteria such as follows:

  • A Malaysian citizen
  • Aged between 20 - 50 years old (Maximum age for PDRM customers is 55 years old)
  • Minimum gross monthly income of RM1,500 per month
  • Have a permanent job with at least 6 months of service
  • Not a bankrupt person or in the bankruptcy process
  • Pass YIR's credit assessment

YIR do not take into consideration outside CCRIS commitments and depending on your credit history, Special Attention Account (SAA) customer may be subject to YIR's due diligence and approval.

What are the documents that I should prepare?

Before applying for this personal financing from YIR, kindly prepare these documents:

Certified True Copy Required:

  • 1 photocopy of MyKad / PDRM Identification Card
  • Recent 3 months' payslips

Certified True Copy Not Required:

  • Latest bank statement (salary account / local savings account / current account to receive financing)
  • Employment verification letter
  • Option letter (if applicable)
  • Transfer letter/secondment letter (if applicable)
  • Settlement statement (if applicable)

What is the profit rate for YIR Personal Financing-i?

YIR Personal Financing-i charges a flat rate between 6.65% p.a. to 9.99% p.a. on the total approved financing amount for the whole tenure of 10 years. 

The minimum financing amount you can apply is RM2,500 in East Malaysia, whereas RM3,000 in West Malaysia, up until RM300,000.

How soon can I receive my YIR Personal Financing-i?

You can expect to receive your financing within 24 to 48 working hours, provided that you have submitted complete documentation, passed employer verification and confirmed the terms and conditions of the facility agreement. 

YIR will notify you via email once your personal financing is transferred to your bank account.

How to repay my monthly instalment?

You must ensure your monthly instalments are paid via the Salary Deduction Scheme. Repayments will be done via Direct Debit or standing instruction if the salary deduction is not activated or is deactivated.

You are also responsible for providing written notice to YIR if there are any changes to your salary account/account specified in the Direct Debit Authorization Form, to update their account details with YIR and by signing a new Direct Debit Authorization Form.

A late payment charge of 1% p.a. will be imposed on your outstanding instalment if you are late on your monthly payment.

Do I need a guarantor or collateral for YIR Personal Financing-i?

Guarantor and collateral are not required when you apply for YIR Personal Financing-i.

Can I apply for more than one account under YIR Personal Financing-i?

Yes, you can apply for YIR Personal Financing-i more than once subject to successful salary deduction activation of your previous account.

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