instaDuit Personal Loan

An unsecured personal loan that offers a seamless online application and fast approval. Suitable for those looking to borrow immediate cash. No collateral is required!

instaDuit Personal LoanFast Approval
Interest Rate
From 18% p.a.
up to RM10k
up to 4 years
Loan Type
Unsecured Loan
Min. Income

Loan calculator

Interest rates

Based on your loan amount & loan period, the interest rates are as low as the following

You borrowLoan periodYour IncomeInterest rate
RM1,000 - RM10,00012 to 48 monthsmin. RM18,00018% p.a.

Fees & Charges

Interest Rate / APR
As low as 18% p.a.,depending on loan amount and period
Processing Fee
RM150, this amount is payable as the Legal and Commissioner of Oath Fee.
Stamp Duty
 0.5%  of the whole amount
Early Termination Fee
RM150, this amount will be charged when the loan is fully settled within the first half of the tenure. RM100 will be charged after half of the loan tenure.
Late Penalty Fee
 8%  from current outstanding amount


Minimum Annual Income
Minimum Age
  • 21 to 55 years old
Who can apply
  • Malaysians
  • Salaried employee
  • Individuals working in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya
  • Individuals not declared bankrupt
  • Individuals who are not under AKPK
  • Individuals who are not a military officer (police/army/RELA/JPAM/Bomba)
  • Individuals who are not a business/commission earner

More Information

What is instaDuit?

Offered by BB Capital Sdn Bhd, instaDuit is a legally licensed money lender and credit community in Malaysia. The company is registered under the Ministry of Local Government Development of Malaysia or better known as KPKT with a registration number of WL6540/10/01-4/151122.

Why should I choose instaDuit Personal Loan?

Sometimes people just don’t want to deal with conventional banks to apply for a personal loan, not with all the strict requirements and plenty of documentation processes which aren’t really feasible if you need immediate cash.

Borrowing from other moneylenders is another story in itself too because while they’re reliable, their loan features and accessibility might not be suitable for you at the moment.

However, with instaDuit, their dedication to providing everyday Malaysians with a feasible fintech and safer yet seamless options for money lending can help you bridge the financial gap you’re currently facing. Safe to say that applying for quick loans isn’t a dream anymore with instaDuit Personal Loan.

How much can I borrow and how long is the tenure?

The minimum loan amount you can borrow with instaDuit is as low as RM1,000 and the maximum loan amount is RM10,000. The loan tenure, on the other hand, instaDuit offers from 12 months up to 48 months or two years.

This is one of the key features that differentiates instaDuit from other money lenders in the current market. You can borrow just enough money to organise your needs for a shorter period of time. This way, you will be able to manage your finances better without prolonging the loan unnecessarily.

What is the interest rate of an instaDuit Personal Loan?

At the time of writing this instaDuit review, the interest rate of this unsecured personal loan is 18% per annum and without collateral — which means that you don’t have to put any of your assets as security against loan default events.

However, if you did miss paying the agreed monthly repayments, a late penalty fee of 8% per annum will be charged to the outstanding amount. Hence, it is important for you as the borrower to honour the agreement you initially made to avoid paying more than you should.

Are there any fees or charges I need to pay?

Yes, there are a couple of statutory fees/charges that you need to pay after your instaDuit personal loan has been approved and when you have signed the loan agreement. They are Stamp Duty and Legal and Commissioner of Oath Fee.

  • Stamp Duty fee: 0.50% of the loan amount
  • Legal and Commissioner of Oath fee: RM150 (one-time payment)

Can I fully settle my loan early?

Yes, you may. instaDuit allows you to pay off your loan early before the agreed loan tenure but there’s an Early Termination Fee that you need to pay. If your loan is fully settled within the first half of the tenure, RM150 will be charged to you. Plus RM100 after half of the loan tenure.

Am I eligible to apply for instaDuit Personal Loan?

Any Malaysian between 21 years up to 55 years of age is eligible to apply for instaDuit Personal Loan. You also must be earning a basic monthly income of RM1,500 or RM18,000 annually and working in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or Putrajaya to be eligible.

Other eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Not declared bankrupt
  • Not under AKPK
  • Not a military officer (police/army/RELA/JPAM/Bomba)
  • Not a commission earner
  • Not an entrepreneur/business owner

What do I need to prepare before applying?

Ready to hit the Apply button above? Let’s get you started. Below are some of the things you should prepare beforehand to ensure a smooth application journey.

  • A photo/selfie of yourself (to ensure you are who you say you are)
  • Your IC (front and back)
  • Your latest 3 months' salary slips
  • A picture of your office (as proof of your income and employment)
  • Latest EPF statement
  • Latest 3 months’ bank statement

What are the documents required to apply for this quick loan?

Please prepare the following documents before you apply for instaDuit. Once you have them ready, you can click the Apply Now button above and complete your application online. We promise it won’t take much of your time.

  • Copy of your IC (front and back)
  • Latest 3 months' salary slips
  • Latest 3 months' bank statement of your salary crediting account
  • Latest EPF statement or Tax Declaration Form (BE Form)
  • Utility bill (electricity bill, water bill etc)
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