CIMB Balance Transfer Plan

Flexible repayments and zero processing fees! This is an easy to apply balance transfer plan with no supporting documents needed.

CIMB Balance Transfer PlanFlexible Repayments
Interest Rate
- to - p.a.

Interest Rate

What you earn based on the amount that you have in your account

Min. AmountMax. AmountInterest Rate
RM1,000No maximumNo interest
RM1,000No maximumNo interest


What would make it different?

Fees & Charges


Who can apply
  • Malaysians
  • Foreigners

More Information

Save up to 67% on your credit card interest payments by transferring your outstanding credit card balance to a CIMB credit card. With flexible monthly repayments, CIMB Balance Transfer saves you more money, and cures your headaches.

How does CIMB balance transfer work?

CIMB Balance Transfer allows you to use part of your credit limit on your CIMB credit card to consolidate your outstanding balances on other credit cards. The minimum outstanding credit card balance you can transfer is RM1,000, up to 80% of your credit card limit.

Do I have the option of minimum repayments?

Yes. In case you are not able to make full monthly repayments, you can choose to make a minimum payment of 5% of the outstanding balance or RM50, whichever is higher.

Are there any charges on late repayments?

If your monthly repayments do not reach the bank on their due date, late payment charges of 1% of the total outstanding balances will be charged to you. Late repayments charges will be a minimum of RM10 and up to a maximum of RM100.

What if I'm not able to make the minimum repayment?

The low balance transfer interest rates of 5.99% p.a. and 7.99% p.a. are only applicable if you can make the repayments on time. If you're unable to make your monthly repayments, 18% p.a. will be applied to the remaining outstanding balance until it has been repaid in full.

Can I settle the outstanding balance before the maturity?

Yes you can. Unlike most banks, CIMB Balance Transfer Plan doesn't impose any charges on early settlement. Hurrah!

Can I cancel my balance transfer plan anytime?

You can only cancel the balance transfer within a day of your application. In order to do so, you need to call the CIMB Card Call Centre at 03-2281 7000 within 24 hours.

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