Hong Leong Pay and Save Account

Save, Swipe and Connect from your Pay&Save account to earn up to 2.50% interest p.a. on your account balance each month!

Hong Leong Pay and Save Account
Interest Rate
1.5% p.a.
Min. Deposit
Account Statement
eStatement (via email)

Interest Rate

What you earn based on the amount that you have in your account

Min. AmountMax. AmountInterest Rate
RM2,000No maximum1.5% p.a.


What would make it different?

Online Banking
Hong Leong Connect
Mobile App
PIDM Protected
Up to RM250,000

Fees & Charges

ATM Card Issuance Fee
MEPS Withdrawal Fee
Early Closure Fee


Minimum Age
  • 18 years old
Minimum Initial Deposit
Who can apply
  • Malaysians
  • Foreigners

More Information

Why is this Hong Leong savings account called "Pay&Save"

The Hong Leong Pay&Save Account is a special savings account rewarding account holders with the benefit of extra interest payment whenever you make debit card transactions and e-payments.

You can now earn up to 2.50% interest by just going about your day, business-as-usual. But wait, the perks don’t stop there!

How do I get a 2.50% interest p.a. on my balance?

It's as simple as Save, Swipe and e-Pay! 

All you need to do is deposit a lump sum of RM2,000/month for three consecutive months, spend a minimum cumulative of RM500 monthly with your debit card and make payment of a minimum cumulative RM500 monthly to get 2.50% interest p.a. every month. 


First, you need to deposit a min. amount of RM2,000 lump sum/month for three consecutive months to get 1.50% interest p.a.

Please be noted that the interest is calculated and accrued daily based on each day’s end-day balance, and will be credited quarterly on the first (1st) of the month following each quarter into the account.

QuartersMonthly BreakdownCrediting Date
Quarter 11 January - 31 March1 April
Quarter 21 April - 30 June1 July
Quarter 31 July - 30 September1 October
Quarter 41 October - 31 December1 January

To ensure you get the interest, your daily account end day balance must be between RM1,000 - RM100,000.

If your Hong Leong Pay and Save account is closed before the next crediting date, no interest will be paid for that quarter.


Next, you’ll need to swipe your Debit Card a couple times. Use your debit card for petrol, grocery, shopping, dining and other usages to earn an extra 0.50% interest p.a. (capped at RM30 per month).

To get the extra interest, you need to swipe your Debit Card to pay for a min. amount of RM500 every month. 

The Debit Card Bonus Interest is calculated based on the Daily Average Balance of the account at the end of the month and credited in the first following month.

e-Xtra Interest

In addition to the bonus interest from your balance and debit card transactions, you will earn an additional 0.50% interest p.a. when you make a minimum cumulative of RM500 a month towards the Eligible Bill Payments.

Remember to make all online payments for your utilities, phone bills, loans and of course, internet shopping from your Hong Leong Pay and SaveAccount or debit card.

Below is the list of the Eligible Bill Payments for your reference:

  • JomPAY billers
  • FPX (Direct Debit) registered merchants
  • Credit card, personal/housing/car loan repayment
  • Billers listed on the Hong Leong Connect Bill Payment webpage

Ding, ding, the Bonus bells ring!

If 2.50% p.a. interest wasn’t enough for you, you are eligible to earn Share Trading Bonus Interest up to 0.90% on your trading transactions.

The Bonus Interest will be awarded to you is on a tiered basis, based on the total amount of trades within a calendar month.

Total Monthly Traded Amount (MTA)Interest Rates p.a.
Up to RM20,0000.30%
Up to RM30,0000.50%
Up to RM100,0000.70%
Above RM100,0000.90%

What are the Terms and Conditions for Hong Leong Pay&Save Account?

Account holders must be at least 18 years of age in order to be eligible to open this account. 

The account can be opened on either a single or joint named basis with a minimum deposit of RM200 required. 

There is a half yearly charge of RM5 if the average account balance during half year falls below RM200.

You will receive a free Debit card, with an annual fee waiver for the first year, after which you will have a fee of RM8 per annum. 

Another premium you will receive is a complimentary Touch n’Go Zing, an auto reload card that will never run low at the toll booth. It comes with a small reload charge of RM0.50 per auto-reload.

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