MBSB Wise Saver Savings Account-i

Be a wise saver and earn high profit up to 2.25% p.a. with a minimum initial deposit of only RM20! Open this savings account singly or with your loved ones to share the benefits.

    • Islamic account
    • Free Passbook
    • Account Statement
  • Min. AmountMax. AmountProfit Rate
    RM10no maximum2.25% p.a.


What would make it different?

PIDM Protected

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Early Closure Fee


Are you eligible for this account?

Minimum Age
18 years old
Minimum Initial Deposit
Minimum Balance

Frequently Asked Questions about MBSB Wise Saver Savings Account-i

Things you might want to know

What is special about MBSB Wise Saver Savings Account-i?

If you follow the local banking news, you must have heard that MBSB is now licensed as a fully-fledged Islamic bank known as MBSB Bank, offering some of the basic and complex banking products. 

When you open an MBSB Wise Saver Savings Account-i, you will get a complimentary savings passbook to manage your finances such as cash withdrawals, fund transfers, payments and many more. MBSB Bank allows for you to set up a Standing Instruction facility for easy payment of your bills.

Do I get profit for saving my money in this savings account?

Yes it is. This savings account rewards profit at 2.25% p.a. on all balances. 

Therefore the more you deposit your money into this savings account, the higher the chances to earn higher profits on your balances.

How much do I need to open and maintain this savings account?

To open a Wise Saver Savings Account-i, you to have RM20 as initial deposit, and maintain a minimum balance of RM10. 

This savings account can be opened singly or joint account holders, provided that you own a valid identity card to verify your residential status.

Is my saving money protected by PIDM?

Absolutely. Rest assured that your saving money is protected under PIDM for up to RM250,000.

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