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Allianz i-EssentialCover

Take extra care with your life and ensure you have the coverage you need regardless of the situation.

    • RM200k Minimum Sum Assured
    • Full Refund at Maturity
    • TPD Coverage Until Age 65
    • TPD Benefit Up To RM4m
    • Death Benefit Up To RM500k

How to Claim

Who do I call to make a claim or state an emergency?

Allianz Hotline
  •  1300881028
  • Features

    What makes this Allianz insurance policy stand out?

    Cover Term
    protection up to age
    Premium Type
    progressive rate. increases as you age.
    Maturity Refund
    get back your full sum assured at the end of your proctection term.
    Income Tax Relief
    up to a maximum of RM6,000 a year.

    Protection for Your Family

    How will Allianz help to secure my family’s financial future?

    What's covered by your insurance plan
    Main Coverage
    Coverage Period
    Am I Protected?
    Natural Death
    A lump-sum payment to your family when you die of natural causes
    from 18 to 55 years oldYes, up to RM500000
    Total and Permanent Disability
    When you’re unable to work or take care of yourself due to ongoing injury or sickness
    from 18 to 65 years oldYes, up to RM4000000 non-accidental per life
    Accidental Total and Permanent Disability
    Cash payout if you’re handicapped because of serious injuries from an accident.
    from 18 to 65 years oldYes, up to RM1000000 per life

    Age Requirements

    Am I eligible to apply for this Allianz insurance?

    Minimum Age
    at least 18 years of age
    Maximum Age
    at most 55 years of age

    Frequently Asked Questions about Allianz i-EssentialCover

    Things you might want to know

    What is the Allianz i-Essential Cover?

    This coverage offered by Allianz is a term-life-insurance product meant to care for you through your life and your family after your death. So take more time to value yourself and pick up this insurance policy.

    You will get 10 years of coverage with this plan, without having to make constant renewals. Also, your family will be able to stay afloat should anything happen to you, and have some help while they try to get back on their feet.

    How does my coverage look like?

    Much like other term life insurance plans, this one will cover you for both death, accidental total and permanent disability and total and permanent disability. With coverage of more than RM1million you can be sure that your loved ones will get a great payout.

    How do I become eligible for this plan?

    Well this is where the policy varies from most plans. With the Allianz i-EssentialCover, you will need to be at the legal age of 18 or over to apply. Coverage is for 10 years from the date of application or till you reach the maximum age of 55 years old. It will depend entirely of when in your life you are purchasing this policy.

    How do the premiums work?

    There are a few plans for you to choose from when you sign up for this policy. Which means your premiums will depend on not only your age or gender, but with plan you select.

    For flexibility, you have a choice of paying your premiums either monthly or annually based on what you feel is most comfortable. Rest assured your premium rates will not fluctuate with the times, but you will have a constant flat rate.

    What are some of the terms and conditions I need to know?

    Well you might want to take note that this policy does not cover pre-existing conditions, so be careful to take that into consideration before you buy the policy. There will also be a grace period of 15 days in which you can change your mind to cancel the policy but after that, you can still cancel it but you may not get a refund on your premiums paid.

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