FWD Protect Direct

FWD Protect Direct is a Shariah-compliant term-life coverage that provides you up to RM500,000 death benefit. No medical checkup needed and flat annual contribution.

FWD Protect Direct
Min Sum Covered
Death Benefit
up to 100% of sum covered
Death Coverage
until age 80
Accidental Death Benefit
TPD Benefit

Contact Info

Who do I contact for any inquiries?

FWD Takaful Customer Care Hotline
FWD Takaful Hotline


Cover Term
Protection up to age 80
Contribution Type
Flat rate. Stays the same throughout coverage term.
Income Tax Relief
Up to a maximum of RM3,000 a year.


How will FWD Takaful help to secure your family's financial future?

Main CoverageCoverage PeriodAm I Protected?
  • up to 80  years old
  • Yes , up to 100% sum covered in Malaysia while overseas   worldwide coverage for Malaysian citizens residing in Malaysia upon participation


Minimum Entry Age
At least 30 days of age
Maximum Entry Age
At most 60 years of age
Coverage Expiry Age
At most 80 years of age

More Information

What is FWD Protect Direct by FWD Takaful?

FWD Protect Direct is a term takaful cover by FWD Takaful that provides financial support up to RM500,000 upon the participant's death.

The Shariah-compliant takaful cover has no intermediaries and is distributed directly via online channels.

What are the benefits of this Takaful term coverage?

There are some benefits that make this Takaful term stand out. Firstly, there's no medical checkup required for signing up, which means you can save your time and resources.

Furthermore, your annual contribution is flat-rate - it won't increase until the maturity of your certificate. With this, you don't have to worry about increased spending the year after!

Lastly, if you're taking a family plan, FWD Takaful will cover your family contribution upon your passing, ensuring your loved ones keep protected financially.

Can I include my family in the certificate?

Yes! In fact, FWD Protect Direct offers a few options:

  • Individual plan (for adults)
  • Couple plan (two adults)
  • Family plan (both parents and max. 2 children)
  • Single parent (a parent and max. 2 children)

For adults, you're eligible for this takaful plan if you're aged between 17 to 60 years old. As for children, they must be between 1 month old to 20 years old.

What is the coverage term?

You can opt for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years terms.

Adults will be covered up to 80 years old while children will be covered up to 25 years old if upon participating their age is within the eligible age.

Tell me more about FWD Protect Direct contribution

Your FWD Protect Direct contribution amount is depending on the coverage term, sum covered, age, smoking status and your answer to the health questionnaires.

The contribution is paid throughout the term of the certificate by credit or debit card. You may opt for monthly or yearly payments.

Please bear in mind if you add a new child to the certificate, the amount of your contribution will increase.

Does this Takaful plan provide worldwide coverage?

Yes, it does! The FWD Protect Direct's coverage is applicable worldwide. But, there's a catch. 

You must be a Malaysian citizen residing in Malaysia upon participating.

How do I make a claim to FWD Takaful?

When the Person Covered passes away, you must notify FWD Takaful within 6 months and provide the following documents:

1. Death Claim Form

2. A certified true copy of the Death Certificate

3. Proof of claimant's relationship to the Person Covered

4. Claimant's ID

5. Any Medical Report / Post Morterm Report from the doctor who attended to the Person Covered (own expenses)

6. Letters Of Administration or Probate as evidence of entitlement to receive the payment, if there are no living nominees

Should the Person Covered pass away in a foreign country, the claim documents must be translated into the official language and authenticated at the appropriate embassy.

For more than one person claimant, all claimants must sign the claimant statement. If any supporting document is not readily available, kindly explain it in writing and submit it to FWD Takaful. 

For more information please visit the FWD Claims page and its FAQ where you can the guides to making a claim and the forms required.

Who do I contact for any inquiries?

If you have any questions, do reach out to either one of these numbers:

FWD Takaful Customer Care Hotline: 1300 13 7988

FWD Takaful Hotline: 60327717771

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