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Maybank Yippie Care 2

Protect your bundle of joy with a comprehensive life insurance plan with discounted premium rates and additional benefits for critical illness claims and hospitalisation.

    • RM15k Minimum Sum Assured
    • Add-on Critical Illness Coverage
    • Full Refund at Maturity
    • Death and TPD Coverage Until Age 25
    • TPD Benefit Up To RM100k
    • Death Benefit Up To RM100k
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How to Claim

Who do I call to make a claim or state an emergency?

Maybank Hotline
  •  1300886688
  • Features

    What makes this Maybank insurance policy stand out?

    Cover Term
    Protection up to age 25
    Premium Type
    Flat rate. Stays the same throughout coverage term.
    Premium Discount
    for sum assured RM50,000 and above
    Maturity Refund
    Get a refund at the end of your coverage term up to 2x .
    Income Tax Relief
    Up to a maximum of RM3,000 a year.

    Protection for Your Family

    How will Maybank help to secure my family’s financial future?

    What's covered by your insurance plan
    Main Coverage
    Coverage Period
    Am I Protected?
    A lump-sum payment to your family when you die of any causes
    up to 25 years oldYes, up to RM100000
    Total and Permanent Disability
    When you’re unable to work or take care of yourself due to ongoing injury or sickness
    up to 25 years oldYes, up to RM100000
    Enjoy the full benefits of your insurance plan with great add-on coverage
    Add-on Coverage
    Am I Protected?
    Critical Illness Coverage
    Protection against serious diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or heart bypass surgery
    Hospital Benefit
    Payment for hospital visits, including room and other costs charged during your stay
    Premium Waiver
    Your family’s exemption from premium fee payments due to your death or disability.
    Accidental Death or Dismemberment
    Protection for when you die or lose a limb due to an accident

    Age Requirements

    Am I eligible to apply for this Maybank insurance?

    Minimum Age
    at least 30 days of age
    Maximum Age
    at most 15 years of age
    Expiry Age
    at most 25 years of age

    Frequently Asked Questions about Maybank Yippie Care 2

    Things you might want to know

    What is Maybank Yippie Care 2?

    This is a term life insurance by Maybank Life Assurance Berhad made especially for children. It's never too early to plan ahead for their future!

    Early childhood is when they're full of energy and you may not have your eyes on them all the time - so make sure they get complete protection against Death and Total and Permanent Disability ( TPD).

    For as little as RM100 each month, you can buy the Maybank Yippie Care 2 for a minimum sum assured of RM15,000 or maximum of RM250,000.

    Ok, but what’s great about the Yippie Care 2?

    Once the policy reaches maturity, the Yippie Care 2 will guarantee to give back DOUBLE your original sum assured, given that you've never made a claim throughout your policy period.

    For example, a Yippie Care 2 policy with a coverage term of 17 years and a basic sum assured of RM60,000 for death and disability benefits will give you back a total of RM120,000 - that's enough to pay off their college fees and the downpayment for their first car!

    Can I get a discount for this term life insurance policy?

    You’ll also get a discount on your premium if you choose to be assured for at least RM50,000. 

    How old must my child be to apply?

    This life term insurance policy is available for children between the ages of 1 month and 15 years. To apply, children have to be accompanied by a parents or guardian, who have to be between ages 16 to 60 years.

    The Maybank Yippie Care 2 policy will reach maturity once your child reaches the age of either 18, 21, 23, or 25. It's your choice.

    Can I get additional protection for my child?

    If you’d like to get even more coverage for your child, you also have the option of getting the following riders to add on to your Yippie Care 2 policy:

    • Critical Illness Rider – coverage for 36 different terminal illnesses such as cancer, stroke, or heart problems.
    • Waiver of Premium for Death or TPD – waiver on all future premiums in the event of death or total and permanent disability
    • Waiver of Premium for Critical Illness – premium waiver when you're diagnosed with a serious disease.
    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment – additional coverage for death or total and permanent disability as a result of an accident.
    • Hospital and Surgical Rider – claim for those expensive hospital bills and surgery fees.

    How do I pay my premium?

    With a Maybank current or savings accounts, you have the convenient option to auto-debit your premium payments. You’ll also have the option of paying either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annualy.

    Okay great, but how much do I need to pay?

    The minimum monthly payment would be as little as RM100, depending on your sum assured, coverage term, and underwriting.

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