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Prudential BSN Takaful Lindungi

Care for your loved ones with this term takaful protection plan, get coverage for death & total and permanent disability at affordable contribution rates. Ensure your family's financial security and peace of mind with PruBSN Takaful Lindungi.

    • RM20k Minimum Sum Assured
    • TPD Coverage Until Age 70
    • TPD Benefit Up To 100% of Sum Assured
    • Death Benefit Up To 100% of Sum Assured
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How to Claim

Who do I call to make a claim or state an emergency?

Prudential BSN Takaful Hotline
  •  60320537188
  • Features

    What makes this Prudential BSN Takaful insurance policy stand out?

    Cover Term
    Protection up to age 70
    Premium Type
    Progressive rate. Increases as you age.
    Plan Renewal
    Option to renew plan at the end of policy term.
    Income Tax Relief
    Up to a maximum of RM3,000 a year.

    Protection for Your Family

    How will Prudential BSN Takaful help to secure my family’s financial future?

    What's covered by your insurance plan
    Main Coverage
    Coverage Period
    Am I Protected?
    A lump-sum payment to your family when you die of any causes
    from 19 to years oldYes, up to 100% of sum assured
    Accidental Death
    Death due to injury from an accident. Acts of war and illegal activities exempted.
    from 19 to years oldYes, up to 100% of sum assured
    Total and Permanent Disability
    When you’re unable to work or take care of yourself due to ongoing injury or sickness
    from 19 to 70 years oldYes, up to RM4000000

    Age Requirements

    Am I eligible to apply for this Prudential BSN Takaful insurance?

    Minimum Age
    at least 19 years of age
    Maximum Age
    at most 60 years of age
    Expiry Age
    at most 70 years of age

    Frequently Asked Questions about Prudential BSN Takaful Lindungi

    Things you might want to know

    What is PruBSN Takaful Lindungi?

    PruBSN Takaful Lindungi is a term life protection plan under the operation of Tabarru’ offered by Prudential BSN. It offers protection to you as an insured and peace of mind to your family and loved ones.

    You will get coverage when you need it and can be sure that your family’s financial security is met in a difficult time.

    How coverage do I get?

    With this Takaful protection plan you will get coverage for both Death as well as Total and Permanent Disability. Both cases, will activate a pay out of your Sum Assured to your nominated family member.

    Coverage for Total and Permanent Disability will only be active until the age of 70, however, the protection benefit for Death has no limit.

    How does this plan include my family?

    Pru BSN Lindungi is one of the few term protections plans that take into the details of your familial situation into consideration. The selection of this term plan is based on your own needs analysis, which refers to the capacity of the plan you need, using several factors.

    Your need analysis will include any risks or obligations that you might have as well as the number of dependents you have and your financial goals. This way you have a clearer view of how high you want your protection level to be.

    It will also help your family in their financial stability in the event of your death if the protection encompasses your expenses in its entirety.

    How long will I be covered for?

    The coverage period for this plan is entirely up to you, as the term can be adjusted to your needs at the time you apply for this policy.

    For example, if you currently have a 15-year home loan to settle, then you can match the protection to 15 years so that you have coverage during the financing of your home. Similarly, if you have a dependent that is not yet old enough to have a protection plan of their own, you could also select a coverage term to meet the requirements of that time frame, till your dependent can have a policy of their own.

    Who can apply for this plan?

    Individuals as young as 19 years old are eligible to be enrolled in PruBSN Takaful Lindungi, while the maximum entry age being 60 years old. This plan is only available to Malaysians and Permanent Residents of Malaysia.

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