RHB Travel Protector Plus Domestic

Explore the hidden gem that Malaysia has to offer with no worries in mind. Play and enjoy to the fullest knowing that RHB Travel Protector Plus has got your back in case of loss of luggage, unexpected medical expenses, trip cancellation and so much more.

RHB Travel Protector Plus Domestic
Personal Accident
up to RM100k
Medical Expenses
up to RM20k
Trip Cancellation
up to RM2k
Travel Delay
up to RM1k
Lost Baggage
up to RM1k
Cashless Medical Care
Not covered
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Contact Info

Who do I contact for any inquiries?

RHB Insurance Hotline

Regions Covered

Which regions are covered by this plan?

Domestic (Area 1)

Includes West and East Malaysia


How much must I pay to be insured during my travels?

Premiums for Domestic (Area 1)


What can I claim from this insurance policy?

Personal AccidentDomestic (Area 1)
Accidental Death
The worst thing that could ever happen while you're on holiday
RM100k for all
Permanent Disability
An accident that leaves you unable to work or care for your family
RM100k for all
Medical RelatedDomestic (Area 1)
Medical Expenses
Cover for hospital charges related to accident and injury
RM20k for all
Follow-up Treatment
RM30k for all
Compassionate Visitation
RM1k for all
Daily Hospital Income
RM200 for all
Traditional or Alternative Medicine
When conventional treatment is just too mainstream
RM250 for all
Emergency Medical Evacuation
RM1m for all
Emergency Medical Repatriation
RM1m for all
Funeral Expenses
Don't get buried in debt by the cost of a funeral
RM5k for all
Travel InconvenienceDomestic (Area 1)
Loss or Damage of Personal Property and Baggage
RM1k for all
Luggage Delay
You might arrive safely at your destination, but will your suitcase?
RM600 for all
Travel Cancellation
Cover for an unexpected incident that forces you to cancel your trip
RM2k for all
Travel Delay
Get compensated for late arrival at your holiday destination
RM1k for all
Missed Departure
Been left behind thanks to public transport being late? Get money back
RM1k for all
Personal Liability
RM1m for all
Hijacking Inconvenience
RM3k for all
Loss Of Deposit Due To Abscondment Or Insolvency Of Travel Agency
RM5k for all
Missed Connecting Flight
RM250 for all
Credit Card Indemnity
RM3k for all
Cover for terrorism (except chemical, biological or nuclear attacks)
Unlimited for all

Fees & Charges

Stamp Duty Fee


Are you eligible to apply for this insurance?

Single Trip For IndividualsFor ChildrenFor Insured and SpouseFor Families
   Between 19 and 80 years of ageBetween 15 days and 23 years of ageBetween 19 and 80 years of ageBetween 15 days and 80 years of age
Children Travelling With Family Per Child
   Between 15 days and 23 years of age

More Information

What is great about the RHB Travel Protector Plus Domestic?

This is a travel insurance plan that looks after your best interest especially when you are traveling right here at home.

This is a plan meant only for Domestic travelers, so when you take the opportunity to do a visit Malaysia remember to pick up this policy to ensure that you cover all the bases.

It offers coverage for just enough that, you will find it worth your while.

Who is eligible for this insurance policy?

Well pretty much anyone. It’s a plan for the whole family and as long as you are 19 years old and self-sustaining, you can pick up this plan with no issue. 

For those of you who would like to include your kids into the plan, there are a few terms you will need to meet.

Any child you include will need to be at least 15 days old and they can continue to be covered under the plan until the maximum age of 23 as long as they are still studying.

How much does the plan cover?

It covers both death and permanent disability, hospital expenses and to a certain extent funeral expenses. 

But since it is a travel insurance plan as well, it covers most travel inconveniences too.

You can put in claims for travel delays, loss or delay of luggage, missed departures and missed connections.

The plan also offers coverage for hijacking, third party liability and terrorism. 

For affordable premiums, you get great coverage!

How do I make claims?

There are a few steps that you have to take, but the process is relatively hassle-free once you have all the correct documentation.

If anything were to happen while you are on holiday, the first point of action is to get in touch with an officer from RHB Insurance Berhad and remember to hold on to all receipts and bills that you might accumulate.

You will also need to have an original copy of both a police report or hospital report, whichever is available and related to the incident. 

Along with this make out a written statement documenting the incident and all actions taken.

Submit everything along with a claim form to RHB Insurance Berhad at the earliest moment.

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