Tokio Marine Domestic Travel Partner Plus Premier

Unexpected expenses occur anywhere you travel to, including within Malaysia! Don't take risks and get yourself covered with this Tokio Marine travel insurance.

Tokio Marine Domestic Travel Partner Plus Premier
Personal Accident
up to RM900k
Medical Expenses
up to RM90k
Trip Cancellation
Not covered
Travel Delay
up to RM1.5k
Lost Baggage
up to RM600
Cashless Medical Care
Not covered
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Contact Info

Who do I contact for any inquiries?

Tokio Marine Hotline

Regions Covered

Which regions are covered by this plan?

Domestic (Area 1)

Includes West and East Malaysia


How much must I pay to be insured during my travels?

Premiums for Domestic (Area 1)


What can I claim from this insurance policy?

Personal AccidentDomestic (Area 1)
Accidental Death
The worst thing that could ever happen while you're on holiday
  • RM - individual
  • RM300k per adult
  • RM75k per child
  • RM - family
Permanent Disability
An accident that leaves you unable to work or care for your family
  • RM - individual
  • RM300k per adult
  • RM300k per child
  • RM900k family
Medical RelatedDomestic (Area 1)
Medical Expenses
Cover for hospital charges related to accident and injury
  • RM - individual
  • RM30k per adult
  • RM30k per child
  • RM90k family
Alternative Medicine
  • RM - individual
  • RM1k per adult
  • RM1k per child
  • RM3k family
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • RM - individual
  • RM20k per adult
  • RM20k per child
  • RM60k family
Daily Hospital Income
  • RM - individual
  • RM1k per adult
  • RM1k per child
  • RM3k family
Travel InconvenienceDomestic (Area 1)
Loss or Damage of Personal Property and Baggage
  • RM - individual
  • RM200 per adult
  • RM200 per child
  • RM600 family
Travel Delay
Get compensated for late arrival at your holiday destination
  • RM - individual
  • RM500 per adult
  • RM500 per child
  • RM1.5k family
Ransom Payment As A Result Of Kidnapping & Hostage
  • RM - individual
  • RM7.5k per adult
  • RM7.5k per child
  • RM22.5k family

Fees & Charges

Stamp Duty Fee


Are you eligible to apply for this insurance?

Children Travelling With Family Per Child
   Between 30 days and 23 years of age

More Information

Why choose Tokio Marine Domestic Travel Partner Plus Premier

Tokio Marine Domestic Travel Partner Plus Premier provides coverage should unexpected things happen during your holiday within Malaysia, so you don't need to use your saving to pay the expenses.

Save your money for rainy days and let Tokio Marine cover the extra expenses that occurs from:

  • Death
  • Permanent disablement
  • Personal luggage and personal effects
  • Travel delay
  • Kidnapping

Extended medical expenses coverage for hazardous water activities

The highlight of this Tokio Marine domestic travel insurance? It provides extended medical expenses coverage for hazardous (risky) water activities!

For adventurous travellers who are planning to engage in such activities such as surfing, water rafting or scuba diving, this policy will be your best travel partner.

Even better, the extended coverage will cover your for Zika, malaria, dengue and Japanese Encephalitis as well.

What are not covered by Tokio Marine Domestic Travel Partner Plus?

These are the things that are not covered in this policy. We advise you to read this section carefully before you embark on the trip.

  • War and related risks including riot or civil commotion.
  • Government regulations/acts or authorities of any country
  • Claims arising from manual work in connection with any trade, employment or profession
  • Travelling (other than as a fare paying passenger) in a fully licensed passenger aircraft
  • Suicide or self-inflicted injuries. 
  • Hazardous adventure
  • HIV, AIDS/AIDS related complex
  • Effect/Influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, abortion or miscarriage
  • Illness/Disorders of a psychological nature, any anxiety state and/or nervous depression and mental illness
  • Other exclusions as specified in the policy

How do I make a travel claim to Tokio Marine?

Follow these steps to make a claim:

1. Inform the Tokio Marine Claims Department regarding the loss or damage within 14 days
This could be done in writing or phone call. Quote your certificate number and details such as date of loss, nature of loss or the section of the policy that you want to claim

2. For events involving theft, personal luggage and accident, report the loss or damage to the police within 24 hours

3. Fill in the claim form and return it to the Tokio Marine Claims Department together with necessary documents requested or which will support your claims

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