Etiqa MaxiPro Insurance

An investment-linked plan with IL Savings Growth rider offering you a comprehensive plan to complete your savings and protection needs. Benefits include guaranteed approval, guaranteed annual cash payout, guaranteed maturity payout, guaranteed insurance charge rates and flexible premium payment terms.

Etiqa MaxiPro Insurance
Increasing Sum Assured
Min Sum Assured
Entry Age
14 days - 65 years
Max Coverage
Age 90 years
No Lapse Benefit


Policy Term
Protection up to age 90
Premium Type
Flat rate. Stays the same throughout policy term.


How will Etiqa help to secure your family's financial future?

Main CoverageCoverage PeriodAm I Protected?
  • up to 90  years old
  • Yes, Sum Insured or Account Value will be payable, whichever is higher.
Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)
  • up to 69  years old
  • Yes, Sum Insured or Account Value will be payable, whichever is higher. Subject to a maximum of RM8 Million per life insured.

Enjoy the full benefits of your insurance plan with great optional add-on coverage

Add-on CoverageAm I Protected?
Premium waiver for Critical Illness
Payor premium waiver (Spouse)
Payor premium waiver (Juvenile)

How to Claim

Who do I contact if I have a question or emergency?

Etiqa Customer Care Hotline


Minimum Entry Age
At least 14 days of age
Maximum Entry Age
At most 65 years of age
Coverage Expiry Age
At most 90 years of age

More Information

What is Etiqa MaxiPro Insurance?

Etiqa MaxiPro insurance is a regular premium investment-linked plan that offers you an additional savings benefit (premium paying). There are six plan choices, all of which come with flexible payment terms and tenures of 8 years (minimum) up to 30 years of coverage.

This investment-linked insurance allows you to get protection plus save up a sum of money for things that matter as you are rewarded with guaranteed annual cash payouts from the end of the second policy year until your policy matures*. 

Upon maturity, Etiqa MaxiPro insurance offers guaranteed maturity payouts of up to 150%* of total premium paid (excluding any top-up of premiums).

Not to mention, Etiqa MaxiPro insurance comes with guaranteed acceptance for insured amounts of up to RM200,000*.

*Benefits applicable with IL Savings Growth.

What am I covered for?

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit

In the unfortunate event of Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) occurring prior to your 69th birthday, you will receive the sum insured (max. of RM8 Million) or Account Value, whichever is higher. But do note that if the sum insured has been fully accelerated with no other benefits payable afterwards, the policy will be terminated upon payment of the TPD benefit.

Death Benefit

Upon death of the life insured, your nominee will receive the sum insured or the Account Value at the next valuation, whichever is higher. After the payment of death benefit, the policy will be terminated.

What are the additional benefits?

IL Savings Growth

This add-on benefit is a premium paying rider. A guaranteed annual cash payout will be directly paid to you, from the end of the 2nd policy year until your policy matures.

Other list of riders:

  • IL Payor Waiver of Premium (Juvenile)
  • IL Payor Waiver of Premium (Spouse)
  • IL Waiver of Premium for Critical Illness

Who can take up Etiqa MaxiPro Insurance?

This investment-linked plan is available for anyone to purchase. You can apply for yourself or your spouse before the age of 65. And if you are a parent and you are keen to apply for your children, you should do so before they turn 17 years of age.

This is an insurance product that is tied to the performance of underlying assets and it is not a pure investment product such as unit trust.

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