Head of Digital Marketing

We're looking for someone who sees patterns that others don’t, who gets energised by pushing for innovation, and who lives, eats, and breathes digital paid media, earned media, and social media platforms.

About You

We're looking for someone who sees patterns that others don’t, who gets energised by pushing for innovation, and who lives, eats, and breathes digital paid media, earned media, and social media platforms.

As a senior leader you'll define and execute the strategic approach for digital marketing excellence across the organisation and bring thought leadership and vision for a performance and data-driven media strategy. This includes a strong point of view to drive inventiveness within an industry that is in constant change.

You'll also be responsible for leading and empowering a team of marketers to ensure the RinggitPlus brand is meaningful across every touchpoint and audience we serve, running a rapidly growing team working to build a unique, innovative group with a relentless focus on the customer.

Your Day-to-Day

  • Own digital marketing P&L providing monthly and quarterly direction of budget allocation by channel, connecting investments to KPIs
  • Drive data-centric digital marketing, continuously improving performance, maximising revenue, and reducing cost
  • Leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics to improve allocation, targeting, multi-variate testing, personalisation and remarketing
  • Direct and delegate implementation of integrated campaigns that are strategically sound and based on empirical insights
  • Enforce a measurement framework to evaluate effectiveness and provide a real-time feedback loop for optimisation and insight
  • Continuously review performance, conclude what is working and not working, identify performance issues and direct corrective action
  • Work with sales teams to understand initial client goals and translate client marketing initiatives into campaign optimisation tactics
  • Champion "test, measure and learn" methodology, relentlessly exploring new tools, channels, and models
  • Create and delegate experiments to continually improve scale and sustain growth, promoting knowledge share and best practices
  • Develop and run testing plans for new media formats developed by product teams, such as hyper-personalisation and AI-assisted chat
  • Collaborate with data and technology teams to embed value attribution methodologies within strategy and campaign optimisation
  • Share domain expertise and evangelise marketing technology, regularly updating peers to remain ahead of industry trends
  • Contribute ideation on product roadmap, recommend solutions for operational efficiencies, and feedback on critical bugs
  • Serve as manager to direct reports, creating an inspiring culture which promotes career advancement and job satisfaction
  • Drive best practice, specifically improving quality of insight, prioritisation and planning rationales, and creative solutions
  • Create an environment of trust and accountability providing clear tasks and objectives when delegating tasks to the team
  • Continuously develop team expertise, instill customer obsession and keep the brand convenient, connected, inspiring, and empathetic
  • Participate in recruitment ensuring new hires possess the skills and organisational savvy required for advancement

Your Know How

  • 8+ years of leadership experience in digital performance marketing
  • Deep understanding of digital media platforms and marketing technology tools
  • RoI driven experience in a highly competitive transactional online sector
  • Demonstrated ability to translate strategic initiatives into detailed plans
  • Forensic expertise in consumer segmentation and targeting
  • Insanely curious about marketing and technology
  • Technical skills to be self-sufficient in extracting and analysing data
  • Customer-obsessed, considers the impact on customers with every business decision
  • Drives performance by creating clear team objectives and individual goals
  • Leadership capability in recruiting, retaining and developing high-performance teams
  • Good business acumen, strong commercial awareness
  • Comfortable speaking about and presenting data
  • Proactive, disciplined, organised, and highly-motivated
  • Personable and good at building constructive relationships
  • Talented writer, clear communicator, and engaging presenter

Apply by sending your resume and cover letter to: [email protected]