RHB World MasterCard Credit Card-i

Enjoy up to 6% cashback on your dining, petrol and travel. What's more - complimentary golf privileges, airport lounge access and flexible credit lines.

RHB World MasterCard Credit Card-i5x Airport Lounge
Min. Income
Annual Fee
up to 6%
Balance Transfer
From 4.88% p.a.
Easy Payment Plan
From 0% p.a.
Interest Rate
15% p.a.
20 days


Earn up to 6% cashback every month on local petrol, dining and travel spending (excluding cash advance, charity, overseas petrol and government transactions). Up to 2% cashback on all overseas spend.

Cashback categoryCashback rateMonthly capSpend
Local Travel, Petrol, Dining Transactions1%RM30from RM1,000 up to RM2,499 monthly
Local Travel, Petrol, Dining Transactions2%RM30from RM2,500 up to RM3,499 monthly
Local Travel, Petrol, Dining Transactions6%RM30from RM3,500 up to  monthly
Other Local Retail Spends0.2%uncappedfrom RM1,000 up to  monthly
Overseas Retail Spends0.5%RM100from RM1,000 up to RM2,499 monthly
Overseas Retail Spends1%RM100from RM2,500 up to RM3,499 monthly
Overseas Retail Spends2%RM100from RM3,500 up to  monthly


Enjoy up to 6% petrol cashback at all petrol stations nationwide.


5x complimentary access and 25% off for accompanying guests to Plaza Premium Lounges in Malaysia for you to indulge in the exclusivity and privacy. 20% off at all Plaza Premium Lounges around the world (except Shanghai & Beijing).


Practice your swing at your favorite golf clubs in Malaysia and enjoy zero green fees by RHB Golf Privileges. Enjoy up to 50% off on the walk-in green fees by MasterCard Golf Privileges across the Southeast Asia region.

Balance Transfer

Exclusively for new customers, enjoy 0% interest for 12 months with RHB Smart Move Balance Transfer plan! Transfer your outstanding balance from other credit cards to RHB credit card via Smart Move Balance Transfer plan to benefit from low interest rate and flexible repayment terms.

Pay OverWith Interest Rate AtWhen You Transfer
6 months4.88% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1,000
12 months4.88% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1,000
18 months4.88% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1,000
24 months4.88% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1,000
36 months4.88% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1,000
Learn more about RHB Smart Move Balance Transfer

Easy Payment Plans

Turn your wish list into reality with a flexible payment plan of up to 24 months from RHB credit card. Enjoy 0% interest with RHB Smart Instalment, or pay a small one-time upfront interest with RHB Dial-An-Instalment.

RHB Smart Instalment
Pay OverWith Interest Rate AtWhen You Spend
6 months0% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feeRM500
12 months0% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feeRM500
24 months0% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feeRM500
36 months0% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feeRM500
Learn more about RHB Smart Instalment

Fees & Charges

Annual Fee
  • RM0 primary card

    Free for life

  • RM0 supplementary card
Sales and Service Tax
RM25 on each principal and supplementary card upon activation and anniversary date
Minimum Monthly Payment
RM50 or 5% of outstanding amount, whichever is higher
Late Payment Fee
RM10 or 1% of outstanding amount, up to a maximum of RM100
Cash withdrawal fee
RM15 or 5% of withdrawn amount, whichever is higher
Interest Rate on Cash Withdrawals
Contact-less Payment Methods
MasterCard PayPass


Minimum Annual Income
Minimum Age
  • 21 to 65 years old primary card
  • 18 years old supplementary card
Who can apply
  • Anybody


Easy Payment Plan
RHB Smart Instalment
Convert your purchase into affordable monthly instalments with 0% interest for up to 36 months. Combine all of your debts and use 100% available credit limit under this plan.
Cash Advance / Cash Loan
RHB CashXcess
Need extra cash? Apply for RHB CashXcess and enjoy low interest rates at affordable monthly instalments.
Balance Transfer Plans
RHB Smart Move Balance Transfer
Enjoy great savings with interest rates as low as 4.88% for 12 months to repay and consolidate your debt from other credit cards to your new RHB credit card.


Discover a world of privileges and the best rewards when you sign up for the RHB Islamic World MasterCard Credit Card-i.

Up to 6% Cashback with RHB World MasterCard Credit Card-i

With RHB Islamic World MasterCard Credit Card-i, your traveling and shopping experiences will never be dull again as you can earn cashback for every Ringgit spent locally and abroad.

There are two categories to look out for: local and overseas spending. 

For every Travel, Petrol, Dining transaction performed in Malaysia, you can earn up to 6% cashback when you spend above RM3,500, capped at RM30 per month. 

Spend above RM1,000 on other retail purchases can get you 0.2% unlimited cashback. 

When you're on the other side of the world, all of your retail spending with MasterCard Credit Card-i gives you a maximum of 2% cashback, capped at RM100 every month.

Made for Halal Transactions

Please note that this Islamic credit card operates under the Shariah concept of Ujrah

So keep in mind that you can only swipe your World MasterCard Credit Card-i on Halal goods and services.

RHB Islamic Bank will decline any payment charged to your credit card-i for transactions in the following situations:

Bars and Clubs
Purchase of Packaged Beers, Wine and Liquor
Cigar Stores and Stands
Gambling Transactions
Dating & Escort Services

Airport Lounge Access

Making RHB World MasterCard Credit Card-i your travel companion would be the best decision you have made as this credit card lives up to its name with a host of benefits that commensurate your lifestyle and travel needs. 

With this World MasterCard Credit Card-i, your next cross-border trip will be the most anticipated one as you are entitled up to 5x complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge in Malaysia. While your accompanying guests get to enjoy 25% discount.

In addition, you will get a 25% discount on the walk-in rates when you have expired the free passes. 

Not to mention, when you're traveling to other airports, you get 20% off on access at all Plaza Premium Lounges worldwide - from the UAE to Canada, this World MasterCard Credit Card-i provides exponential reach and accessibility.

Golf Privileges from RHB World MasterCard Credit Card-i

For golf-lovers, RHB World MasterCard Credit Card-i also invites you to practice your swing for free at selected renowned Golf Clubs in Malaysia. 

Even when you go overseas, you can enjoy up to 50% off on the walk-in rates at Golf Clubs across Asia.

All you have to do is spend a minimum of RM3,000 every month to qualify up to 4 times access per golf club in one calendar year.

Flexible Credit Lifelines

Often times people will avoid credit cards for fear of impulse swiping and delinquent on payment. 

But do you know that credit card can do you an immense favor in meeting your financial difficulties?

There are instances where your purse string is tight but you need to survive the day, or your favorite items in the store is fast selling out but you don't have enough cash, here's where you can be smart.

For a flexible easy payment plan with low profit charges and longer tenures, you can check out the RHB Smart Instalment and RHB Dial-An-Instalment. 

Or, if you're looking to consolidate all your credit card outstanding debts, have a look at the RHB Smart Move Balance Transfer plan.

Who can apply for RHB World MasterCard Credit Card-i?

Anybody aged 21 years old and above can apply for RHB and RHB Islamic Credit Cards.

All you need to prepare is a valid identification card and other income and financial supporting documents as required by RHB. 

If you're a self employed individual, you need to have a business with a minimum of 5 years in operation to qualify for RHB World MasterCard Credit Card-i application.

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