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Prudential BSN Takaful HealthEnrich Select Medical Card

Thinking of starting a family? Protect the people that matter most with a medical plan that rewards expecting mothers with maternity complication coverage.

    • Co-Insurance Up To 10%
    • Hospital Accommodation Up To 200 Days
    • 15-Day Cancellation Refund


How much you can claim for hospital bills

  • Annual Limit
    The claims on your medical card cannot exceed this amount in a single policy year.
    from RM150000 up to RM300000
  • Lifetime Limit
    Know your lifetime limit, your medical card expires if you reached this amount.
    Not Applicable
  • Pre-Hospitalisation Diagnostic Tests
    This covers the costs incurred for diagnostic X-ray, laboratory examination and scans.
    Not Covered
  • Room & Board
    For the days that you spend in a hospital room instead of your own bed.
    from RM300 per day, up to 150 days a year
    • Medication and Treatment
      Charges for the medicine and therapy that go towards helping you feel 100% again.
      As Charged
    • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
      Worsening conditions may require critical care in the specialised hospital ward.
      As Charged per day up to 120 days
    • Hospital Services and Supplies
      Charges for the sterilised bandages, intravenous drips, blood packs and other services while hospitalised.
      As Charged
    • Surgical Fees
      How much your medical card covers for surgical procedures, minor and major.
      As Charged
    • Post-Hospitalisation Treatment
      This covers your follow up treatment after your discharge from hospital or day care surgery.
      As Charged within 90 days after discharge
    • Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Treatment
      Charges covered for consultation, examination tests and prescribed drugs if you are diagnosed with kidney failure.
      As Charged
    • Outpatient Cancer Treatment
      Charges covered for consultation, examination tests and prescribed drugs if you are diagnosed with cancer.
      As Charged
    • Day Surgery
      For surgical procedures that do not require you to spend the night in a hospital bed.
      As Charged
    • Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment
      Cover for emergency outpatient treatment and follow up due to an accident.
      from RM2000 per year
    • Pregnancy Complication
      Extra cover for medical cost resulting from complications during pregnancy.
      from RM6000 per year
    • Home Nursing Care
      How much you're allowed to claim for care from a government-licensed nurse at your home.
      As Charged up to 180 days per lifetime
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How much your premiums may cost

  • Fresh Graduate

    Balqis is 22 this year and could only manage to get the cheapest plan.

    Suggested PremiumRM901.00
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  • Homemaker

    At the age of 42, Martha has gone through ups and downs in her life. She wants a medical card to prepare for the unforeseen mishaps.

    Suggested PremiumRM1446.00
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  • Assembly Line Worker

    Sandra is 42 and she is exposed to a fair amount of danger in her line of work. She'll have to pay higher premium for a regular plan.

    Suggested PremiumRM1807.00
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Actual premium rates will be determined by Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad and may vary from what is suggested based on age, sex, occupation, lifestyle habits and other factors.

How to Claim

Reporting a claim isn't rocket science, it's nothing of the sort. Prudential BSN Takaful has made it easier than ever with only a few simple steps below. 

  • The very first step is to acknowledge Prudential BSN Takaful of your incident the earliest you can to get your claim reported. You can reach them at 03 2053 7188 or via email - [email protected]
  • There are two claim forms to be completed, one for yourself and the other one for your attending physician.
  • Evidence is what they need in accessing your claim. So, make sure you've got what they needed.
  • Now that you've everything ready, pack them up and deliver them to any of the Prudential BSN Takaful branches near you.

They'll let you know the outcome in 10 working days, so keep your cell phone on!

Medical Assistance Hotline & Services
Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance
Prudential BSN Takaful Customer Care Hotline


Am I eligible to apply for this insurance?

Minimum Entry Age
As early as 20 weeks into your pregnancy
Maximum Entry Age
At most 70 years of age
Coverage Expiry Age
At most 80 years of age

Frequently Asked Questions about Prudential BSN Takaful HealthEnrich Select Medical Card

Things you might want to know

What is the HealthEnrich Select?

It is a medical insurance policy that will ensure the comfort of your family in difficult times so that you won’t have to make sacrifices, you’re not ready to make. The HealthEnrich Select will help cover your medical expenses along with a couple things that may be unforeseen until it happens.

With an additional annual limit of RM150,000 in the case you are hit with a cancer bomb, heart attack or kidney failure.

What does it cover exactly?

Being a medical plan, it takes up the costs of hospital room and board at all Prudential BSN panel hospitals, along with ICU charges, surgical procedures and other In-Hospital related charges. You will also be covered in the case you require out-patient care, or home nursing.

Especially if you are facing a life changing situation such as cancer, or require kidney dialysis treatment. Following suit is the additional benefit mentioned above, for both cancer, failed kidneys and heart attacks.

Apart from this already extensive coverage system, you will have medical coverage of up to RM6000 per year for maternity complications. Not to mention the fact that Prudential BSN is an international company and allows for you to have emergency medical assistance worldwide.

Who can apply for this policy?

Pretty much anyone, as long as you are above the legal age, you are free to pick up this plan at your leisure. Parents who want this plan for your kids, they are eligible for the coverage as soon as they hit 20 gestational weeks. So, they can be looked after even before they are born.

The maximum entry age for this plan is 70 years old, after which you can renew the plan till your 80th birthday.

Can I cancel the plan at any point?

Like most memberships, it is entirely up to you, whether you want the membership or not. With the HealthEnrich Select you have a 15-day cooling period after the application of the plan, where you can decide that you don’t need the insurance cover. Should you choose to cancel the plan within this period, any premiums paid will be refunded to you in full.

However, if you decided later on that you don’t want the plan any longer, then you will need to submit a statement cancelling the policy. After that, there may be a chance that you don’t get your premiums back, at least not in full, but it will work on a case to case basis.

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