Find a Personal Loan You Know You'll Get an Approval in Malaysia 2024

Find and compare the loans you stand a good chance of approval from our personal loan recommendation.

What You Should Know About Getting A Personal Loan Recommendation

Choosing the right personal loan that can help fulfil your needs can be difficult, especially if you're not sure if you're eligible enough to apply for one.

Don't fret! With RinggitPlus, we will help you apply for a personal loan by giving you a list of loan recommendations that we know you'll get a high chance of approval.

You can then make a loan comparison and apply online with us easily!

How can you get our personal loan recommendation?

  1. Start your personal loan search with our 24/7 WhatsApp chatbot assistant
  2. Match your financial profile against the loan eligibility criteria
  3. Get matched to the right personal loans and the right amount you can borrow

How do we help you with your personal loan search?

  • Loan eligibility check

With deep insight into the loan eligibility criteria, you can find out the chances of successful and fast loan approval.

  • Personal loan recommendation

Based on your financial profile and the loan eligibility criteria, we only recommend the personal loans that are right for your goals.

  • Personal loan calculator

Find out how much you'll need to repay and what you can borrow to reach your goals with a personalised loan calculator.

How do we recommend the right personal loans?

We compare personal loans offered by the best banks in Malaysia.

To match you with the best personal loans available, we take the following factors into account.

  • Debt service ratio (DSR)
  • Monthly net income
  • Monthly commitment
  • Maximum loan tenure
  • Maximum monthly payment amount

Moreover, we partner with some of the best banks in Malaysia to make sure you only apply to the loans you have a high chance of approval. Due to our partnerships, we have insight into the eligibility criteria of the featured personal loans. This allows us to match you to the loans you can apply for and get fast approval.

To compare the interest rates of all personal loans in Malaysia, view our 2024 personal loan interest rates table.

Which banks do we partner with to recommend the best personal loans?

We currently partner with the following banks to make sure we match you to the personal loans that meet your goals and needs.

  • Alliance Bank
  • RHB
  • CIMB
  • Al-Rajhi
  • Maybank

Nonetheless, we strive to build partnerships with more banks to offer insights into the loan eligibility criteria to you. Therefore, we’ll update the list of our partnerships from time to time.

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