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Prudential PRUlife Partner

Give coverage not just to yourself but to your spouse as well, with the PRUlife Partner. This plan offers protection for two lives as you embark on new journeys together.

    • Death Coverage Until Age 80
    • TPD Benefit Up To 100% of Sum Assured
    • Death Benefit Up To 100% of Sum Assured

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What makes this Prudential insurance policy stand out?

Cover Term
Protection up to age 80
Premium Type
Progressive rate. Increases as you age.
Loyalty Bonus
Up to 20% every 3 Policy Years for a maximum of 5 times per policy
Income Tax Relief
Up to a maximum of RM6,000 a year.

Protection for Your Family

How will Prudential help to secure my family’s financial future?

What's covered by your insurance plan
Main Coverage
Coverage Period
Am I Protected?
A lump-sum payment to your family when you die of any causes
from 19 to 80 years oldYes, up to 100% of sum assured
Accidental Death
Death due to injury from an accident. Acts of war and illegal activities exempted.
from 19 to 70 years oldYes, up to 200% of sum assured
Total and Permanent Disability
When you’re unable to work or take care of yourself due to ongoing injury or sickness
from 19 to 70 years oldYes, up to 100% of sum assured
Accidental Total and Permanent Disability
Cash payout if you’re handicapped because of serious injuries from an accident.
from 19 to 70 years oldYes, up to 200% of sum assured

How to Claim

Age Requirements

Am I eligible to apply for this Prudential insurance?

Minimum Age
at least 19 years of age
Maximum Age
at most 50 years of age
Expiry Age
at most 80 years of age

Frequently Asked Questions about Prudential PRUlife Partner

Things you might want to know

What is PRUlife Partner?

PRUlife Partner is a protection policy with a term investment-linked plan to cover you against Death and Total and Permanent Disability. It is a plan intended to cover two lives, therefore it offers you a dual-life coverage so that you can, at any point of time, add your spouse into the coverage under the one policy.

What coverage do I get?

This plan offers coverage for Death where your spouse will receive 100% of the Inforce Sum Assured. The other option is that with the Death benefit, you get the proportioned value of units in the Basic Unit Amount (BUA) for the Life Assured.

However, in the case of Accidental Death if you as the Life Assured died of accidental causes before the age of 70 on your next birthday, then you will receive another 100% of the Sum Assured. Since this is a dual-life policy, the Sum Assured is only payable to the surviving spouse.

Total and Permanent Disability benefit is also available to both lives covered until the age of 70. So if this peril were to befall you, then you will receive a 100% payout of the Sum Assured, following the rules for Accidental Death coverage. Also in the case of Total and Permanent Disability, if you are disabled within the coverage term of before your 70th birthday, then Prudential will pay you a Disability Income Benefit. This benefit will be paid for the next 10 years, equivalent to 5% of the Inforce Sum Assured.

Is there a Spouse benefit?

Yes, a spouse discount is only applicable to the dual-life policy after your spouse has been added. You will get a 10% on the Basic Benefit premium and insurance charges of both Lives Assured. This policy also continues to cover the surviving spouse if one you died.

Who can take up this plan?

Minimum entry age for this plan is 19 years old, and you can select the maximum expiry age as you go along. Premiums are also fixed base on your age upon entry and the plan you select.

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