Best Affin Islamic Bank Credit Cards in Malaysia 2024

Affin Islamic Bank credit cards offer enticing travel benefits, cashback and AFFIN Reward Points, while adhering to Islamic banking principles.

Overview of Affin Islamic Bank Credit Cards in Malaysia

Adhering to Islamic Banking principles, Affin Islamic Bank offers you a list of Islamic credit cards that can cater to your unique preferences.

Find out more below!

What are the features and benefits of Affin Islamic credit cards?

Affin Islamic Bank offers those who wish to adhere to the Islamic Banking principles enticing credit card features all loaded in their Basic, Gold and Platinum credit cards. 

So if you’re a beginner to credit cards, don’t look any further than Affin Islamic Bank because who would want to miss out on collecting reward points or getting complimentary travel benefits? 

And better yet, free annual fees? 

Let’s check out the features and benefits offered by Affin Islamic Bank credit cards.

1. Affin Islamic Bank credit card annual fee waiver

An annual fee waiver is when you do not have to pay the annual fee of your credit card for a certain period. 

For example, you will get to enjoy this benefit for 1 year on both Affin Islamic cards such as the Affin Islamic World Mastercard and Affin Islamic Mastercard Gold

After that, you will need to spend or swipe a certain amount to be eligible again for the annual fee waiver. 

Besides that, you can also opt for Affin Islamic Mastercard Basic which offers ZERO annual fees for life.

2. AFFIN Rewards Points

To collect AFFIN Reward Points, you must spend at least RM1 on different categories set by Affin Islamic Bank. 

For example, with Affin Islamic Platinum Mastercard, you can get 2x AFFIN Reward Points on every RM1 that you spend on overseas retail purchases. 

Meanwhile, local retail transactions get you 1x AFFIN Reward Points.

What’s great about AFFIN Reward Points is that you can redeem your accumulated points with your choice of gift(s), voucher(s) or air miles as offered by Affin Islamic Bank. 

But how can you redeem it? It’s simple, just visit the bank’s official website and browse through the reward points catalogue to see what kind of rewards you can get from your accumulated points. 

Even better if you keep a tab on the page so you can revisit it anytime you wish.

However, you should note that you are not able to collect AFFIN Reward Points for any petrol, government services and utilities, including charity-related transactions. 

Do keep in mind that your AFFIN Reward Points will expire 3 years from the crediting month as well.

3. Cashback with Affin Islamic Bank Credit Card

Generally, this feature lets you get a portion of your money back every month when you spend on a particular category in a required spending amount. 

So if you are keen to collect cashback, there is only one Affin Islamic credit card that offers this feature which is the Affin Islamic Visa Business Platinum Card

You can get unlimited 1% cashback every time you perform an overseas retail transaction and 0.3% cashback when you spend on local retail transactions. 

No caps for both and no spending requirement is needed!

Additionally, the cashback that you have earned will be calculated at the end of your monthly statements and will be credited to your account at the beginning of the following month.

4. Travel benefit with Affin Islamic Bank Credit Card

Affin Islamic cardholders will get to enjoy not only one Takaful coverage but two: Travel Takaful and Personal Accident Takaful.

Affin Islamic World Mastercard is a great example. 

This credit card gives you a high Travel Takaful coverage of up to RM1 Million and a Personal Accident Takaful coverage of up to RM100,000 too. 

You can enjoy these travel benefits granted that you charge your full fare air ticket(s) to your Affin Islamic Bank credit cards.

Now you can face travel annoyances such as delayed or lost luggage, or missed or delayed flight with peace of mind knowing that you are well covered with an Affin Islamic credit card in your wallet!

5. Flexible credit lines

Catering to every individual’s varied financial needs, Affin Islamic credit cards offer cardholders several credit lines with flexible repayment tenures at competitive interest rates.

If you’re a big spender, you can convert that dream item purchase of yours into monthly instalments. 

With Affin EiPlan, this easy payment plan can help make your shopping more affordable by stretching your purchases up to 36 months with a 0% profit rate.

Plus, you can also transfer your other credit card outstanding balance(s) of at least RM1,000 to your Affin Islamic credit card with a 0% profit rate and flexible repayment tenures of up to 36 months. 

You only need to pay one-time upfront handling fees of as low as 2%.

Besides that, another credit line that you can opt for is the Affin Cash On Call Installment Plan (CIP) to supplement your cash needs up to 90% of your credit limit and a one-time upfront fee of 6% over a fixed repayment period.

What are the profit rates for Affin Islamic credit cards?

Affin Islamic Bank imposes tiered profit rates per annum for retail transactions. 

The effective profit rates are ranging from 15% to 18%. 

You may get to enjoy a lower profit rate should you make at least 10 prompt payments in the last 12 months. 

However, if your repayments are inconsistent, you may be charged with a higher profit rate.

On the other hand, if you perform cash withdrawal transactions with your Affin Islamic credit card, a profit rate of 18% per annum shall be imposed on you.

What are my obligations as an Affin Islamic credit cardholder?

Cardholders of Affin Islamic credit cards are required to make a monthly repayment of at least 5% of the current balance or outstanding amount. 

Based on Ta’widh’s compensation charges, if you fail to make repayments every month, you will be charged a late payment fee of 1% of the total outstanding balance, up to a maximum of RM100.

Plus, it is worth highlighting that you can only perform transactions on Halal Goods and Services with Affin Islamic cards. 

Should you use your Affin Islamic credit card for any non-Halal or unlawful activities such as illegal online gambling, the Bank has the authority to decline your transaction.

What should I do if I lose my Affin Islamic credit card?

If by any chance you misplaced or lost your Affin Islamic card, please contact the Bank immediately at these numbers:

For Affin Islamic World Mastercard and Affin Islamic Visa Business Platinum, please call +603-8230 2323.

For other Affin Islamic credit cards, please contact this number: +603-8230 2222.

Once you make the necessary call, you can do a follow-up with a written confirmation. 

If you receive notifications on any unauthorized transaction(s) made to your stolen/lost card, a copy of the police report shall be submitted to Affin Islamic Bank within 7 days from the date the unauthorized transaction(s) is made.

To replace your Affin Islamic Mastercard Basic, you will be charged RM20 per card. Meanwhile, for other cards below, you will be charged RM50 per card:

Am I eligible to apply for Affin Islamic cards?

Anyone can apply for Affin Islamic credit cards, but to be eligible, you should be at least 21 years of age, while the supplementary cardholder should be at least 18 years old.

Other than that, the annual fees for each Affin Islamic credit card differ from one another. Check out the lists as follows:

Age of principal cardholder Minimum 21 years old
Age of supplementary cardholder Minimum 18 years old
Nationality Anyone
Monthly income requirement

*Please note that the monthly income requirement for expatriates might be different.

What are the required documents to make an application?

Once you have your choice of Affin Islamic credit card in mind, you can speed up your credit card application by preparing these general documents:

Salaried Employee Self Employed Commission Earner
 Copy of IC (both sides), or
 Passport with a valid Visa permit
 Latest 1-month salary slip, and

Please prepare any one (1) of the following:
Copy of the latest EPF statement, or
Copy of the latest 1-month bank account statement where your salary is credited, or
Latest BE/B Form with tax payment receipt
Non-Bank customer
 Copy of IC (both sides), or
 Passport with a valid Visa permit
 Copy of IC (both sides), or
 Passport with a valid Visa permit
 Latest 6-months commission statements
 Copy of the latest 6-months account statement where the commission is credited, or
 Latest EA/BE Form with tax payment receipt and E-Filing Acknowledgement
Bank’s customers of more than 6 months:
 Form 9, 24, and 49, or Business Registration Certificate
 Latest BE/B Form with tax payment receipt

Please prepare any of the following:
Latest 3-months company bank account statement
Latest profit and loss account statement

Best Affin Islamic Bank Credit Cards in 2024

Affin Islamic World Mastercard

For avid travellers that need a perfect travelling companion, Affin Islamic World Mastercard can help you beat the long queue and stuffy boarding room with complimentary airport lounge access, Travel and Personal Accident Takaful coverage of up to RM1 Million, annual fee waiver, plus charity contributions to selected organizations.

Affin Islamic Platinum Mastercard

If you’re a master in rewarding yourself every month, the Affin Islamic Platinum Mastercard is your new best friend as you get to enjoy a low-profit rate of 12% p.a. on your retail transactions whenever you make the minimum payment without missing every month. Reward yourself with up to 2x Affin Reward Points and contribute to selected charity organizations with this Affin Islamic credit card.

Affin Islamic Mastercard Gold

With this credit card, the more you spend the more benefits you get to enjoy. On every retail transaction that you have performed, Affin Islamic Bank will donate a part of it to selected charity organizations. That’s extra merit for you! Been eyeing that new sofa at IKEA? Fret not as you can make that dream item of yours affordable with Affin Bank EPP.

Affin Islamic Mastercard Basic

Are you a credit card newbie? This Affin Islamic Mastercard Basic is the perfect choice for you to get started. Not only do you get to enjoy up to RM250,000 worth of Travel Takaful coverage for free (granted that you charged your full fare air ticket(s) to this card), but this credit card also offers you a low-profit rate on your retail purchases. To top it all off, this Affin Islamic card is free for life too!

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