Citibank AcceleRate Savings Account

AcceleRate your savings with interest up to 4.88% and have instant Global Access to your savings worldwide with Citibank Global Transfer. Also, enjoy nationwide access to over 11,000 MEPS ATM with up to RM10,000 daily cash withdrawals.

    • Phone Banking Service
    • eStatement (via email)
  • Min. AmountMax. AmountInterest Rate
    RM0RM300004.38% p.a.
    no minimumno maximum0.5% p.a.


What would make it different?

Online Banking
Citibank Online
Mobile App
SMS Transaction Alert
PIDM Protected
ATM Card

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

ATM Card Issuance Fee
MEPS Withdrawal Fee
Inactive Account Fee
Early Closure Fee


Are you eligible for this account?

Minimum Initial Deposit

Frequently Asked Questions about Citibank AcceleRate Savings Account

Things you might want to know

Tell me more about Citibank AcceleRate Savings Account.

Citibank's AcceleRate Savings Account yields high interest up to 4.88% per annum on incremental savings that helps you earn and grow your savings faster.

How does the Citibank AcceleRate Savings Account interest of 4.88% work?

The 4.88% per annum interest is made up of:

  1. 0.50% per annum as the base rate, and
  2. 4.38% interest per annum as the bonus interest
Interest Rate TypeInterest Rate
(% p.a.)
Balance Type
Base Interest0.50On Average Balance
Bonus Interest4.38On Incremental Balance versus previous month's Average Balance
(capped at RM30,000 per month)

An illustration to show you how the Base Rate and Bonus Interest:

MonthAverage Balance
for the Month
Incremental Balance
(versus previous month's)
Base Interest
Bonus Interest
1RM5,000RM00.5% on RM5,0000%
2RM10,000RM5,0000.5% on RM10,0004.38% on RM5,000
3RM50,000RM40,0000.5% on RM50,0004.38% on RM30,000
(withdraw RM10,000)
RM00.5% on RM40,0000%
5RM60,000RM20,0000.5% on RM60,0004.38% on RM20,000

What if I withdraw money from my Citibank AcceleRate Savings Account?

As per the illustration above, if there is withdrawal with balance falling below the previous month, you will earn 0.5% base interest without Bonus Interest.

What is the minimum required to open a Citibank AcceleRate Savings Account?

The minimum amount required to open a Citibank AcceleRate Savings Account is RM5,000.

If you are an existing Citibank Checking/Savings account holder, you are still eligible to apply for the Citibank AcceleRate Savings Account.

When will the the interest be credited into my Citibank AcceleRate Savings Account?

The Base and Bonus Interest (if applicable) will be credited into your savings account on the last calendar day of the month.

What are the fees and charges?

The ATM card annual fee is RM8 and the replacement of the card is RM8 per replacement. Please note that the charges for MEPS cash withdrawal at other banks is RM4 rather than the usual cost of RM1. In the case that if you want to make overseas withdrawal, the charges will be RM10 per withdrawal.

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