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Etiqa World Traveller Care Domestic

Traverse the parts of Malaysia you've never seen and leave all worries behind with Etiqa World Traveller Care. Whether it's luggage delay or inevitably fall sick during your journey, this policy has got the unaccounted costs covered!

    • Individual
    • Insured and Spouse
    • Family
    • Early Cancellation Full Refund
    • Personal Accidents
    • Medical Related
    • Travel Inconvenience
  • RegionRegion covered by this plan?Excluded Countries
  • None
  • None
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Contact Info

Who do I contact for any inquiries?

Travel Assistance Hotline & Services
  •  +60321610270
  • 24-hour Travel and Medical Assistance
  • Etiqa Hotline
  •  1300138888
  • Premiums


    How much must I pay to be insured during my travels?

    Within Malaysia
    Insured and Spouse
    1 - 5 days
    RM 15.37
    RM 26.50
    RM 35.51
    6 - 10 days
    RM 17.49
    RM 30.21
    RM 40.28
    11 - 18 days
    RM 23.32
    RM 40.81
    RM 54.06
    19 - 30 days
    RM 29.15
    RM 50.88
    RM 67.84

    Fees & Charges

    There are always fees but how much are they?

    Stamp Duty Fee


    What can I claim from this insurance policy?

    Personal Accident
    Death or Permanent Disability

    Cover for your loved ones in the event of a tragic accident

  • RM 150000 family
  • RM 50000 per adult
  • RM 10000 per child
  • Not covered
    Not covered
    Medical Related
    Medical Expenses

    Cover for hospital charges related to accident and injury

  • RM 50000
  • Not covered
    Not covered
    Follow-up Treatment in Malaysia

    Your treatment and recovery might take a while

  • RM 5000
  • Not covered
    Not covered
    Hospital Confinement Allowance
  • RM 3000
  • Not covered
    Not covered
    Medical Evacuation and Transportation to Malaysia

    Emergency transportation can be expensive - get covered

  • RM 500000
  • Not covered
    Not covered
    Funeral In Malaysia

    Bringing your body back home for burial

  • RM 500000
  • Not covered
    Not covered
    Travel Inconvenience
    Loss of Luggage and Personal Belongings

    You might arrive safely at your destination, but will your suitcase?

  • RM 1000
  • Not covered
    Not covered
    Luggage Delay

    You might arrive safely at your destination, but will your suitcase?

  • RM 500 individual
  • Not covered
    Not covered
    Third Party Liability

    Third party claims are a pain, but they don't have to hurt your wallet

  • RM 200000 individual
  • Not covered
    Not covered


    Are you eligible to apply for this insurance?

    Single Trip
    For Individuals
    Between 18 and 70 years of age
    For Insured and Spouse
    Between 18 and 70 years of age

    Children Travelling With Family
    Per Child
    Between 45 days and 23 years of age

    Frequently Asked Questions about Etiqa World Traveller Care Domestic

    Things you might want to know

    What is the Etiqa World Traveller Care Domestic?

    As the name suggest it is a comprehensive travel insurance policy for those ever-needed impromptu domestic getaways. Doesn’t matter where you’re going, its always a better idea to travel with some insurance coverage.

    This plan covers all the bases and works not only for you but your family as well.

    Who is eligible for the plan?

    To apply for this plan you need to be over the age of 18 and not exceeding 70. You can apply as an individual or a family, its entirely up to you.

    Any children you want to include for the plan, especially if you’re taking up the family plan have to be within 30 days old and 18 years old. Your child’s coverage can be extended to the age of 23 provided they are still studying.

    What does the policy cover?

    Well this policy in particular focuses most on medical emergencies and personal accidents that might befall you while on your vacation. Everything from medical charges, to medical evacuation to follow up treatments and even funeral expenses, will be covered under the plan.

    Other than that, it does take into consideration certain travel mishaps that are entirely possible. Loss of luggage, luggage delay and third party liability are all covered by the plan and your expenses are claimable.

    How do I make a claim?

    To make a claim, please contact the 24hour Travel and Medical Assistance Helpline at 03-2161 0270. Remember to hold on to all original receipts and bills as well as supporting documents such as reports and boarding passes to support your claim.

    You will also need to have a written statement describing the incident in detail ready. Attach all of these documents to a claim form before submitting them.

    Can I cancel my policy?

    Yes you can, you will need to submit an official notice to Etiqa before starting your journey for a possibility of a full refund. 

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