Best Affin Bank Credit Cards in Malaysia 2024

From Mastercard to Visa cards to a partnership card with BHPetrol, Affin Bank credit cards offer you the benefits of annual fee waivers and all year-long promotions.

Overview of Affin Bank Credit Cards In Malaysia

With annual fee waivers along with cashback, rewards and petrol reward benefits, Affin Bank credit cards are among the cheapest in town! Partnerships with BHPetrol make AffinBank cards a great choice for motorists.

What are the features of Affin Bank credit cards?

1. Annual fee waiver

The annual fee is waived for the first year on all other Affin Bank credit cards. 

The fee is also waived for the subsequent year, provided that you spend a minimum amount per year (differs from card to card) or swipe a minimum of 12 times in a year.

2. AFFIN Rewards Points

AFFIN Rewards Points (replacing the 0.8% cash back program) help you earn 1x points for every Ringgit spent on retail purchases and 3x AFFIN Points for every Ringgit on overseas purchases with your Affin credit card. 

You can now shop to your heart's content knowing that you will be rewarded in return with a slew of benefits under the program.

How to get rewarded? You can visit the bank's reward program website to browse through the catalogue of free items you can redeem with your accumulated rewards points - let this be your motivation.

Also, there are ways to speed up your points collection: (1) sign up for other Affin Bank products and services, or (2) encourage your supplementary cardholders to spend (or sign up for ones if you don't have any yet). That’s how you can maximise your credit card benefits.

3. Unlimited Cashback

With the Affinbank Visa Business Platinum card, you are entitled to unlimited cashback whenever you spend while you're on business trips. 

Earn 1% cash back on overseas purchases and 0.3% cashback on local purchases - no caps.

Your Affinbank credit card cashback will be calculated at the end of your monthly statements and credited at the beginning of the following month. 

Do note that cashback does not apply to your petrol, charity, or government-related transactions or Cash Withdrawals.

4. Petrol Cashback & Low Cash Advance Finance Charge

Offering attractive cashback on petrol transactions, Affinbank BHPetrol ‘Touch & Fuel’ MasterCard Contactless provides up to 10% cashback on petrol capped at RM50 monthly.

This petrol credit card also promotes a lower cash advance finance charge of 15% while other cards charge 17% - 18%. 

So if you ever need to make an urgent purchase or foot an exceptionally large bill, you can request a cash advance depending on your credit card limit or available credit limit, whichever is lower.

5. Contactless Transaction

You can now tap to pay with the contactless payment feature on your Affin Bank card the next time you go shopping. 

All you have to do is tap your card at the contactless reader, which is linked to an Electronic Point-of-Sales Terminal.

6. Flexible Credit Lines

To meet your varied financial needs, Affin Bank offers a range of lines of credit with flexible repayment methods at competitive rates.

For example, you can use the Affin Bank Balance Transfer Instalment Plan (BTiP) or Affin Bank Easy Instalment Plan (EiPlan) to settle all your credit card(s) outstanding balance, which offers payment terms from 6 to 36 months on any retail purchase with one-time upfront interest rate charge starting from 2%.

Other than that, you can also opt for Affin Bank’s Cash-on-Call Instalment Plan (CIP) to supplement your cash needs with payment terms from 6 to 24 months at a 6% one-time upfront interest charge.

What are the interest rates for Affin credit cards?

Affin Bank adopts a tiered interest rate in a range of 15% - 18% per annum. 

The interest rate charged will commonly be higher should you have a history of inconsistent repayments and lower interest rates if you are prompt in repayments.

What are the minimum monthly repayments for Affin Bank credit cards?

Affin Bank members are required to make minimum monthly repayments of 5% of the current balance or a minimum of RM50, whichever is higher. 

Monthly repayments will have to be made on the stipulated due date.

Failing to do so may result in a late payment charge of a minimum of RM10 or 1% of the total outstanding balance (excluding interests and fees), whichever is higher and up to a maximum of RM100 for Affinbank World MasterCard and Affinbank Visa Business Platinum.

For other cards, the late payment charge will be a minimum of RM5 to a maximum of RM50 or 1% of the total outstanding balance, whichever is higher.

How much does it cost to get a replacement card?

If your card got lost, stolen or damaged, you can get a replacement credit card for RM50 per card and RM20 for Affinbank Basic credit cards (MasterCard & Visa), generally within 7 working days from the date of issuance.

Am I eligible to apply for Affin credit cards?

To apply for an Affin Bank credit card, the principal cardholder will have to be at least 21 years old, while the supplementary cardholder is to be at least 18 years old. 

Minimum annual income differs from card to card.

Age of Principal Cardholder Minimum 21 years old
Age of Supplementary Cardholder Minimum 18 years old
Nationality Anyone
Income Requirement (monthly)*

*Please note that the minimum income requirement for expatriates might be different.

What are the documents required to apply for an Affin Bank credit card?

You can compare and apply for an Affin Bank credit card here

To speed up your application, it’s best to prepare the documents required for the application. Below are some of the general documents that you can prepare beforehand.

Salaried Employee Self-Employed
(Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Company)
Latest 3 months' salary slips
 Latest 6 months commission statements (commission earner)
 Latest pension fund statement (pensioner)
 Latest BE Form with tax payment receipt
 Latest EA Form

Please prepare any one (1) of the following too:
Latest EPF statements (with a minimum of 6 months contribution amount must match with salary slips/salary vouchers)
Latest 3 months' bank statements where the salary/pension is credited
Latest 6 months' bank statements where the commission is credited
Letter from employer to the bank confirming applicant’s income
Latest 2 years B Form / BE Form with official tax payment receipt
 Latest 6 months' business account statements
 Latest Profit & Loss account on management accounts
 Form A (for Sole Proprietorship) / Form B (for Partnership) / Form 9, 24, 49 (for Company)

Please prepare any two (2) of the following too:
Latest EPF statements (with a minimum of 6 months contribution amount must match with salary slips/salary vouchers)
Latest 3 months' bank statements where the salary/pension is credited
Latest 6 months' bank statements where the commission is credited
Letter from employer to the bank confirming applicant’s income

How do I apply for an Affin Bank Credit Card in Malaysia?

An application can be made online! All you have to do is compare all the credit cards and apply now.

Some of the Best Affin Bank Credit Cards 2024:

  1. Affinbank World MasterCard
    Treat yourself to the Affinbank World MasterCard with exclusive golf, dining, and shopping privileges. On top of that, embrace a world of privileges such as complimentary travel insurance of up to RM1 million, free entry to airport lounges worldwide, and 24/7 MasterCard concierge services.
  2. Affinbank Visa Business Platinum
    A contactless-enabled card specially designed for SME business owners with unlimited cashback for overseas transactions, 6X complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge as well as complimentary green fees at the finest golf courses in Malaysia and Indonesia.
  3. Affinbank BHPetrol ‘Touch & Fuel’ MasterCard Contactless
    Enjoy fast and convenient payment on the road by simply waving your Affinbank BHPetrol ‘Touch & Fuel’ MasterCard Contactless credit card. Get up to 10% cashback on petrol transactions and complimentary insurance coverage for Flight & Travel Personal Accidents as well as Personal Accident insurance whenever you’re on the go. On top of that, enjoy a first-year annual fee waiver and Affin Rewards on your spending.
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