Best Fast Approval Personal Loans in Malaysia 2019

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Why Should I Choose the Banks to Apply for Easy Loans?

Nowadays, there are companies other than the banks who offer easy loans in Malaysia. You might have a big chance of approval when applying for easy loans with them because the criteria aren’t as strict as the banks’.

For instance, you could get a huge amount of easy loan while earning a very low monthly salary. However, this scenario usually comes with big risks such as extremely high interest rates, short tenure and taking over your assets when you fail to repay the loan.

On the other hand, the banks put careful consideration before approving your personal loan to make sure you’re able to repay it. Should you face sudden difficulties in repaying your fast approval personal loan, you may discuss with the bank to come out with a new agreement.

How Much Fast Loan Can I Borrow?

You can apply for a fast loan from RM2,000 to RM250,000 in Malaysia. The amount differs for each bank, please check all the necessary information on our product page before you apply.

How Fast is the Approval of Fast Loans?

Just like the name, fast approval personal loans takes only 24 hours to 3 working days of approval.



How to Choose the Best Fast Loan in Malaysia

You may need money urgently but remember to calculate your monthly spending to see if you’re able to repay the fast loan. Keep in mind that you still have bills and necessities to pay every month. Will you be able to repay your personal loan after paying all of them?

To make your life easier, we have provided a Loan Calculator for you! Our Personal Loan Calculator will tell you how much you have to repay every month, helping you to choose the best fast approval personal loan in Malaysia.

Why Should I Choose the Banks to Apply for Easy Loans?


5 Best Fast Approval Personal Loans in Malaysia:

  1. RHB Fast Approval Personal Loan
  2. Enjoy simple chat applying for RHB Easy-Pinjaman Ekspres in RinggitPlus and get SMS approval the next day. Minimum monthly income RM1,500; eligible for any nationality.
  3. Alliance Bank Fast Approval Personal Loan
  4. Alliance Bank CashFirst Personal Loan offers up to RM200,000 easy loan, flat rates and 48 hours approval. No processing and early exit fees.
  5. CIMB Fast Approval Personal Loan
  6. CIMB Cash Plus allows you to borrow money up to RM100,000 with monthly income starting from RM2,000. An easy loan with flexible repayment options and 100% disbursement.
  7. Hong Leong Bank Fast Approval Personal Loan
  8. Hong Leong Islamic Personal Financing-i doesn’t require a guarantor and collateral. It offers Ibra on early settlement and optional Takaful coverage.
  9. AmBank Fast Approval Personal Loan
  10. For those paying their loans diligently every month, AmBank AmMoneyLine will give you a 5% rebate every year. Unsecured, flat rate, financing up to RM100,000.

Best Fast Approval Personal Loans in Malaysia

Bank Approval time Min. Monthly Income Max. Loan Amount Interest/Profit Rate (p.a.) Loan Tenure
Alliance Bank 48 hours RM3,000 RM200,000 5.3 - 9.17% 12-84 months
Hong Leong Bank 48 hours RM2,000 RM250,000 6% 24-60 months
CIMB 24 hours RM2,000 RM100,000 6.88% - 14.88% 24-60 months
AmBank 48 hours RM3,000 RM100,000 8% - 9.99% 12-60 months

Documents for Applying for Easy Loans

In general, here are the things that you need to prepare to apply for easy loans:

Salaried Employee:

  • Copy of MyKad or Passport
  • Latest 3-months or 6-months salary slip (depending on the banks)
  • Latest 6-months EPF statement
  • Latest Form BE or e-Form BE, with valid tax payment receipt
  • Latest EA Form


  • Copy of MyKad or Passport
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Latest 3-months or 6-months company’s bank statements
  • Latest Form BE or e-Form BE, with valid tax payment receipt
  • Latest 6-months commission statements and bank statements (for commission earner)

I Need Money Urgently. Can I Apply for Multiple Easy Loans?

You can but it’s not advisable to apply for more than 2 loans at the time. Applying for multiple easy loans might not increase your approval chance. On top of that, the rejected applications will harm your credit score which makes it more difficult for you to apply for loans or credit cards in the future.