Best e-Hailing Insurance in Malaysia 2023

Best e-hailing insurance plans for drivers that cover loss and damage for your car and passengers.

What You Should Know About E-hailing Insurance in Malaysia

In July this year, there is a new regulation requiring private car owners operating e-hailing services such as Grab, MULA, DIFF or MyCar to purchase e-hailing insurance. 

E-hailing insurance is an add-on coverage to your existing car insurance policy, whether it is: "Third-party"; "Third party, fire and theft"; or "Comprehensive".

I already have car insurance, why should I get e-hailing insurance?

You should already know that it is compulsory to insure your private vehicle before you can legally take it for a spin. 

A typical motor insurance plan does not cover e-hailing services because when you use your private car as a passenger vehicle, your car will be classified as a public service vehicle (PSV).

An e-hailing coverage can be added easily to a comprehensive car insurance plan. 

If you are tight on budget, some insurers do provide e-hailing coverage on the lower-end premium plans such as third-party, and third party, fire and theft.

Owning both a private car insurance policy and e-hailing insurance coverage is a smart move for an e-hailing driver like you as you can minimise legal and financial risks that you may run into. 

Without e-hailing insurance coverage, you might need to dig deeper into your pocket to cover the loss and damages to passengers and third parties in case of an accident.

Coverage offered by e-hailing insurance:

The coverage offered in e-hailing insurance varies depending on the insurers. In general, you’ll get these coverages when you are signing up for e-hailing insurance:

Loss or damage to your own car

The insurer will cover the loss or damage to your own car due to an accident, fire, or if your car is stolen.

Third-party property damage

The insurer will cover the loss or damage to another person’s car or property.

Third-party bodily injuries

The insurer will cover the injury or death of the third party due to an accident.

Accidental injury or death of the authorised e-hailing driver

The insurer will cover your death or injury due to an accident.

Legal Liability to and of Passengers

The insurer provides coverage in case the passenger sues you for driving negligently, resulting in property damage, bodily injury or death.

Top e-hailing insurance companies in Malaysia

Below are the most popular car insurance companies in Malaysia with the e-hailing coverage add-on:

  1. Etiqa Car Insurance
  2. Allianz Car Insurance
  3. Zurich Car Insurance
  4. Kurnia Car Insurance
  5. MSIG Car Insurance

How is your risk level affect your car insurance premium?

Sometimes you wonder why your car insurance premium is slightly more expensive or cheaper than your friend, even when you both are driving Myvi. 

There are some risk factors that influence car insurance companies to determine how much you are about to pay for your motor insurance premium, such as:

  • Age of driver: drivers below 26 years old or above 69 years old are considered as higher risk, and thus will be charged a higher premium.
  • Age of car: if your car’s age is above 10 years, the higher premiums will be.
  • Claims made: if you have made frequent claims previously, the chances of your premium rates increasing are higher.
  • Location: the base value of car insurance is different in East Malaysia and West Malaysia.
  • Driving habit: your risk profile and the premium rate will be higher if you have a reckless driving attitude.
  • High-risk theft car: cars that are listed as prone to high-risk theft cars will be charged a higher premium.
  • High-performance cars: high-performing cars will have a higher premium.
  • Re-conditioned cars: the car insurance company will appraise the condition of the car before deciding on the interest.

Compare best car insurance with e-hailing coverage in Malaysia

Car Insurance


Etiqa Car Insurance

  • Affordable e-hailing add-on
  • 0% repair cost
  • Comprehensive coverage

Allianz Car Insurance

  • Annually renewable
  • Legal liability to passengers
  • RM50,000 personal accident coverage for the e-hailing driver

Zurich Car Insurance

  • Up to 55% no-claim discount
  • 24/7 free towing up to 150km
  • 60% discount for Special Perils coverage

Kurnia Car Insurance

  • Legal liability to fare-paying passengers
  • Refund on early cancellation
  • 24h assistance

MSIG Car Insurance

  • Personal accident coverage for the e-hailing driver
  • Compensation for faulty repair or replacement parts
  • Alternative travel assistance

AXA Car Insurance

  • Up to RM10,000 personal accident coverage for the e-hailing driver
  • 6 months repair warranty
  • Up to 25% no-claim discount

Tokio Marine Car Insurance

  • 0% repair cost
  • Up to RM200 free towing
  • Alternative travel assistance

Berjaya Sompo Car Insurance

  • E-hailing add-on from RM0.65/day
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Up to RM200 free towing

Chubb Car Insurance

  • Up to RM20,000 personal accident coverage for the e-hailing driver
  • 0% repair cost
  • Comprehensive coverage

Car insurance FAQs:

1. Can the driver or insured claim against their injury or death?

Under a comprehensive car insurance plan, the named drivers of the insured vehicle are not covered for injury and death due to an accident. 

This coverage needs to be added on at a premium. You can also use your own personal accident or medical card insurance plans to get protected.

Some e-hailing insurance add-on provides personal accident benefit for the named driver.

2. I have a very limited budget. Which one is the cheapest car insurance type?

Third-party car insurance is the cheapest among all because it offers coverage only for the third party involved in the accident.

3. What kind of car insurance that I need for total protection?

You can opt for comprehensive car insurance as it provides the maximum coverage by law. However, comprehensive car insurance has the highest premium prices compared to the other two.

4. Can I get car insurance if my car is older than 15 years?

Honestly, there are only a few car insurance providers who are willing to provide you with insurance. If they do, chances are they will charge very high premiums to insure your car.

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