Best Rewards Credit Cards in Malaysia 2022

A credit card that earn you reward points based on the amount you spend. Redeem them for gifts and benefits.

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What is a rewards credit card?

Rewards credit cards are credit cards that award you with points when you use them.

These points can be used to redeem credit card rewards, which is why they’re commonly referred to as credit card rewards points

When you collect enough points, you can then use them to claim a credit card reward.

What is the best rewards credit card Malaysia has to offer?

There are two factors that make up the best reward credit cards. 

First of all, which is the best credit card for rewards point collection? Secondly, which credit card has the best credit card rewards? 

Therefore, the key to looking for the best reward credit card is getting one that offers both great redemption items and allows you to collect points quickly and easily.

Choosing the best credit card for rewards points collection

Let’s say that for every RM1 you spend using your rewards credit card, you collect 1 reward point. 

That’s alright, but wouldn’t you be better off if you could collect more points for every Ringgit you spent? 

That’s why the best credit card for rewards is one that offers a higher points collection rate or points multipliers. 

For example, many reward credit cards give you more points for overseas spending compared to local spending. Some rewards cards have point multipliers for different kinds of expenditure. 

For instance, the HSBC Visa Signature lets you earn 5x points on online retail expenditure and participating local malls, whereas the RHB Rewards Card offers 10x points on movie tickets.

What can you redeem with your rewards credit card?

You can use your rewards points to redeem anything from air miles to shopping vouchers as well as electronic gadgets and household items.

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