Best World Mastercard Credit Cards in Malaysia 2023

Unlimited airport lounge access, free limo rides, travellers rewards program and world concierge service.

World Mastercard is designed to elevate your globetrotting

We often compare the features, rewards, interest rates and annual fees of a credit card without paying much attention to its additional benefits such as golf and travel privileges, for example. 

If you are one of the World Mastercard cardholders (or you are looking to upgrade your current credit card), we have laid out the information you need to compare which ones best fit your needs.

What is so great about the World Mastercard?

The World Mastercard is the highest or the premium tier in the Mastercard credit card segment. 

You will not only simplify your expenses with this card but also enter into a world of luxury travel, dining and golfing.

That’s not all, this card segment has high-income eligibility in the range of RM100,000 annually for anyone who wants to apply for it. 

Oftentimes, you are required to pay an expensive annual fee to maintain the privileges during your membership. The best part about having this credit card in your pocket is that it will definitely take your lifestyle one notch higher.

What can I get from a World Mastercard?

In Malaysia, a World Mastercard credit card offers you an array of enticing benefits with worldwide recognition such as accommodation at luxury hotels, and reward points that you can collect and convert into air miles to enjoy free flights like a VIP that you are, just to name a few.

These exclusive privileges can take your love of travelling to a new height and turn your lifestyle experiences more worthwhile. 

Lucky for you, we have rounded up these two major privileges that you can find in most of the World Mastercard credit cards offered by banks in Malaysia. Let’s dive into it!

Golf privilege

Always regarded as a sport for the elite, everything you need for a good golfing round is expensive. 

From the gear, equipment, attire and fees such as membership and green fees can cost you a fortune. 

But with a World Mastercard credit card, you do not need to worry about drying your pocket as you can get exclusive discounts and access to prestigious golf clubs not just within Malaysia, but globally as well. 

Now you can enjoy practising your swings with peace of mind!

Travelling privilege

You’ve worked hard throughout the year, so why not take time off to travel? 

Just by flashing your World Mastercard credit card, this premium credit card will pamper you to the core with all of its travelling perks. 

Just for you, we have compiled the most common World Mastercard travel benefits offered by banks in Malaysia:

  • Free flights: You can enjoy this privilege by collecting air miles and redeeming them with your favourite airlines.
  • Unlimited airport lounge access: Get complimentary access to Premium Airport Lounges locally and globally.
  • Travel insurance: Get covered with free travel insurance when you charge your air ticket to a World Mastercard credit card.
  • Mastercard Global Services: Enjoy 24-hour assistance for anything emergency such as lost or stolen card, card replacement or cash advance etc.
  • Wallet Guard: Get reimbursements for lost/stolen wallets or bags.
  • E-Commerce Purchase Protection: Covers the losses from online purchases such as wrong or incomplete item delivery and damaged items during delivery.

Depending on your credit card issuer, it does not matter whether you're an avid golfer, a frequent business flyer, or just a passionate shopper; there’s always something that a World Mastercard could offer you.

Which is the best World Mastercard for me?

Looking for the right World Mastercard credit card that meets your income, spending and lifestyle appetites can be a head-scratcher when there are an array of brands and issuers promising the best features, with the highest tiers of rewards.

It doesn’t always have to be the one with the highest rewards or the most access to privileges, it can sometimes be in the range of one’s affordability. 

Check out our comparisons of selected World Mastercard credit cards for 3 user segments which we identified the most with this card: Golfers, Frequent Business Flyers, and Passionate Shoppers.


CIMB World Mastercard

CIMB World Mastercard

Affin Islamic World Mastercard

Affin Islamic World Mastercard

RHB World Mastercard

RHB World Mastercard
Green fees 50% off green fees 3x complimentary green fees - Zero green fees at golf clubs in Malaysia by RHB Golf Privileges
- 50% off walk-in green fees across SEA by Mastercard Golf Privileges
Participating golf courses 25 courses in:
- Malaysia
- Singapore
- Indonesia
- Thailand
- Myanmar
- Vietnam
- the Philippines
- Taiwan
- China
- Korea
Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand Malaysia:
- Selangor
- Johor
- Penang

- Singapore
- Indonesia
- Thailand
- the Philippines
- Vietnam
Minimum spending requirement Nil - Minimum spend of RM2,000 in the previous month's statement, or
- RM24,000 per year
Rewards points/Cashback Cashback:
1.5% on Overseas spending, including Online spending in foreign currency

Full fare flight tickets:
5x Bonus Points

Local retail spend:
1x Bonus Point
Overseas retail spend:
3x Rewards Points

Local retail spend:

1x Rewards Point

- Up to 6% cashback on Local Travel, Petrol and Dining transactions
- Up to 2% cashback on Overseas Retail spending
- Up to 0.2% cashback on Local Retail spending
Lounge access Nil 6x complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounges in:
- Malaysia
- Indonesia
- Cambodia
- the Philippines
- Singapore
- Taiwan
- Saudi Arabia
- 5x complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge in Malaysia
- 25% discount for accompanying guests
- 20% special discount at Plaza Premium Lounges around the world, except in Shanghai & Beijing
Travel insurance/Takaful coverage Up to RM1 Million Up to RM100,000 Up to RM600,000
Premium benefits Complimentary 12 months HoteLux Elite Membership
- Charity contribution via retail spending
- Personalised assistance with Mastercard Global Service, World Mastercard Concierge Service and Affin Islamic World Mastercard Customer Service
Annual fee Free for life RM500

Annual fee waiver:
- First-year free
- Waived when spend RM48,000/year in the subsequent years
Free for life
Annual income RM90,000 RM80,000 RM80,000

Frequent Business Flyers

Maybank World Mastercard

Maybank World Mastercard

Public Bank World Mastercard

Public Bank World Mastercard

Standard Chartered WorldMiles World Mastercard

Standard Chartered WorldMiles World Mastercard
Air miles Overseas retail
5x Treats AirMiles

Local retail

5x Treats AirMiles

Utility, Education, Insurance, Petrol & 0% EzyPay

1x Treats AirMile

Upon card approval

Complimentary 50,000 Treats AirMiles

Overseas retail
3x Air Miles Points

Local retail

1x Air Miles Point

Overseas expenses
4.5x WorldMiles Points

Local expenses

1x WorldMiles Point

Participating airlines Malaysia Airlines
6,360 Treats AirMiles for 1,000 Enrich Miles
Malaysia Airlines

Air miles redemption
- 8,500 points for 1,000 Enrich Miles
- 8,500 points for 2,000 AirAsia BIG Points
Malaysia Airlines
Singapore Airlines

Cathay Pacific

Air miles redemption

- 2 WorldMiles Points for 1 Air Mile

- Redemption can only be made in multiples of 1,000 points

Lounge access Complimentary 5x access to Plaza Premium Lounge in Malaysia Complimentary 3x access to Plaza Premium Lounge in Malaysia per year Unlimited complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge in KLIA and KLIA2
Travel insurance coverage - Up to RM2 Million
- Up to RM3,000 for travel inconveniences such as missed flight connections and delayed/lost luggage
- Up to RM500,000
- Up to RM1,000 for travel inconveniences such as delayed/missed flight, and lost/delayed luggage
Premium benefits - Complimentary green fees across 100 golf clubs worldwide
- Up to 40% off dining bills (exclude alcoholic drinks) at Marriott Bonvoy Hotels & Resorts in Malaysia
- 50% off Will and Wasiat Writing Service fee
- Up to USD200 on E-Commerce Purchase Protection
- Up to USD200 on E-Commerce Purchase Protection
- Mastercard Traveller Rewards: exclusive cashback offers online and in-store at selected overseas merchants
Annual fee RM800

Annual fee waiver:
- Free for the first year
- Waived when spending RM80,000 in subsequent years
Free for life RM600

Annual fee waiver:
- First-year free for new customers
Annual income RM100,000 RM100,000 RM90,000

Passionate Shoppers

UOB Lady's Solitaire Mastercard

UOB Lady's Solitaire Mastercard

OCBC World Mastercard

OCBC World Mastercard
Rewards points/Cashback Fashion spend at retail shops or online:
10x UNIRinggit Points

Groceries spend at stores or online:

5x UNIRinggit Points

Overseas spend at retail shops:

5x UNIRinggit Points

Online spend in foreign currencies:

5x UNIRinggit Points

Other spend:

1x UNIRinggit Point

First RM1,000 spending monthly:
1.2% cashback

Above RM1,001 spending monthly:
0.6% cashback
Easy Payment Plan (EPP) UOB Lady's LuxePay Plan:
- 0% p.a. for 6 months
- 0% p.a. for 12 months

Minimum spending of RM2,000 each

- 4% one-time upfront fee for 5 months
- 6% one-time upfront fee for 10 months
- 7% one-time upfront fee for 20 months

Minimum spending of RM1,000 each

Travel insurance coverage - Up to RM500,000
- Up to RM2,000 for travel inconveniences such as delayed/missed flight, and lost/delayed luggage
Up to RM2 Million
Lounge access Nil 2x complimentary access to KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge per year
Premium benefits - Up to RM200,000 of coverage for Female Cancers with UOB Lady's Savings Account - 24 hours concierge service
- Pay utility and service bills automatically with OCBC PayMaster
Annual fee RM300 RM388

Annual fee waiver:
Free for the first 3 years
Annual income RM100,000 RM100,000

World Mastercard is your next great travelling companion

Travelling overseas surely is not for the faint-hearted, considering how tedious and expensive it can get if there is no proper planning. 

In order to prevent uneventful circumstances from ruining your trip, you may need all the help you can get and the World Mastercard can be your next great travelling companion. 

Simply compare the best World Mastercard credit card and apply online seamlessly with RinggitPlus.

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