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What Is The Best Cashback Credit Card For Online Shopping?

Cashback Credit Cards For Online Shopping

We’re all used to cashback credit cards for petrol, groceries, dining, and the like. 

But as more and more Malaysians transition to doing their shopping online, it makes sense for credit cards to come with cashback benefits for online shopping and transactions – which is something we consumers should be taking advantage of.

AEON BiG Visa Gold

AEON BiG Visa Gold

Cashback: 2% cash back for online shopping and overseas spending (capped at RM15 with no minimum spend)
Minimum income requirement: RM36,000/year (RM3,000/month)
Annual fee: RM95 (first year free), waived when you swipe at least 12x a year in the subsequent years

This AEON credit card offers cashback not only for online shopping but for overseas spending, petrol transactions every Sunday as well as retail shopping during AEON BiG Thank You Member Day held on the 28th of every month.

The cashback is capped at RM15 a month for categories such as online shopping, overseas spending and petrol transactions every Sunday, except for retail shopping during the Thank You Member Day which is capped at RM100 a month. So, if you spend a lot on these areas, you may just be getting a sizeable amount of cashback returns.

If that sounds like a lot of transactions just to get cashback, here's a great tip: many users regularly split their payments for things like bills into smaller sums to unlock the cashback. 

RHB Visa Signature

RHB Visa Signature

Cashback: Up to 6% cashback for online, entertainment and shopping transactions; each capped at RM30
Minimum income requirement: RM80,000/year (RM6,667/month)
Annual fee: Free for life

These RHB Visa Signature cashback benefits are tiered based on your minimum monthly spend. The categories that are eligible for cashback under this RHB credit card are shopping (clothing, departmental store, watch and jewellery), entertainment, and online. 

On top of that, each category is capped at RM30 of cashback, so you won’t have to share your online cashback quota with other categories of expenditure. 

The RHB Visa Signature cashback rates for local spending are as follows:

Monthly Spend Cashback Rate Monthly Cap
RM1,000 – RM2,499 1% RM30
RM2,500 – RM3,499 2% RM30
RM3,500 & above 6% RM30

The RHB Visa Signature’s minimum spending requirements are a bit on the high side, which means this card isn't designed for the masses. Still, frequent travellers may find that this card’s travel perks make up for its big spending requirements. 

The RHB Visa Signature offers separate tiered cashback rewards for overseas spending of up to 2% capped at RM100 in addition to the cashback for local expenditure. It also gives you 5x complimentary access to selected Plaza Premium Lounge and free travel insurance with coverage up to RM600,000. 

All things considered, this is one of the few best credit cards in Malaysia that offer cashback and lounge access, and being free for life - those who can make full use of this card will find it very rewarding indeed.

AmBank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum

AmBank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum Credit Card

Cashback: Up to 8% cashback for online, groceries and pharmacy spending; monthly cap depending on the monthly spending criteria
Minimum income requirement: RM24,000/year (RM2,000/month)
Annual fee: Free for life

This AmBank credit card rewards you with attractive cashback for online, grocery and pharmacy spending, including other retail spending but excludes petrol, government and charity transactions.

The cashback monthly cap, however, is capped differently according to how much you spend in a month on the eligible categories.

For instance, the 8% cashback is capped at RM15 monthly when you spend a minimum of RM1,500 and above every month on online, grocery and pharmacy categories. If every month you spend around RM500 up to RM1,499 on the same category, you'll get 1% cashback with an RM5 monthly cap instead.

Monthly SpendCashback RateMonthly Cap
RM500 – RM1,4991%RM5
RM1,500 & above8%RM15

As for the other retail spending categories, you'll be able to earn 0.1% cashback with no monthly capping. That said, you may spend from RM1 and above for this category to unlock the cashback. Transactions like petrol, government and charity aren't eligible though.

For a card that's free for life with no condition whatsoever, this AmBank Cash Rebate credit card is worth the catch!

Public Bank Visa Signature

Public Bank Visa Signature

Cashback: 3% cashback on online purchases, grocery and dining spending; capped at RM30
Minimum income requirement: RM80,000/year (RM6,667/month)
Annual fee: RM388 (first year free), waived with 12 swipes per year

The Public Bank Visa Signature offers 3% cash back on grocery, dining, and online transactions with a minimum spend of RM100 and with an overall monthly cashback cap of RM30. 

Like the RHB Visa Signature, this Public Bank credit card also offers both cashback and lounge access benefits in a single card. 

Cardholders get 2x complimentary access to selected Plaza Premium Lounge in Malaysia, and also 1x VIP Point for every RM1 spent on all retail transactions. 

Lastly, while the annual fee for this card may look steep, it actually isn't difficult to qualify for the annual fee waiver.

Maybank 2 Platinum Cards

Maybank 2 Platinum Cards

Cashback: 5% on all weekend retail spending; capped at RM50
Minimum income requirement: RM60,000/year (RM5,000/month)
Annual fee: Free for life

The Maybank 2 Cards come in a pair: the Maybank 2 American Express and the Maybank 2 Mastercard/Visa. 

The Amex credit card is a cashback and reward card that offers 5% on all weekend spending (including online transactions), locally and overseas; and 5x TreatsPoints for every RM1 spent on weekdays.

Please note that the 5% cashback won't be awarded for government service and utility transactions.

However, since American Express isn’t as widely accepted as Visa and Mastercard, you should check which of your favourite e-commerce websites accept Amex cards as a form of payment. 

Among the big e-commerce sites, both Lazada and Shopee do not currently accept Amex, but PrestoMall does.

One reason why this Maybank credit card is a genuinely useful credit card is because of its lack of minimum spend requirement to unlock the cashback and the bonus of 5x TreatsPoints on weekdays. 

Both the Gold and Platinum variants are free for life, but the Platinum comes with travel insurance benefits, so get the Platinum if you earn more than RM60,000 per annum.

Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature

Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature

Cashback: 1% cashback for all purchases all year long, capped at RM50
Minimum income requirement: RM48,000/year (RM4,000/month)
Annual fee: Free for life

The Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature is another general cashback credit card that does not have a minimum spend requirement. 

It offers a rate of 1% cash back on all purchases capped at RM50 throughout the year, except transactions on any government bodies, utilities, and e-wallet reloads.

The fact that this Maybank credit card is free for life and requires a pretty low commitment makes it even more worth keeping. 

For the rest of the year, the Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature can come in handy as a backup cashback credit card to fall back on when you’ve maxed out the cashback on your main go-to card.

Alliance Bank Visa Signature

Cashback: Up to 5% cashback on online shopping transactions and others, uncapped and based on monthly spending criteria
Minimum income requirement: RM48,000/year (RM4,000/month)
Annual fee: RM148 (first year free), waived when you spend a minimum of RM12,000 per year from the second year onward

This is another cashback credit card that we think is worth being listed as one of the best cards for online shopping. 

This is because you can get up to 5% cashback with no monthly cap on several eligible spending categories such as online shopping, groceries, dining, petrol, utilities and other retail spending. However, there's a spending criterion that you must fulfil every month in order to enjoy the cashback.

Depending on the monthly spending amount, you may get these cashback amounts:

Monthly Spend Cashback Rate Monthly Cap
RM1,000 - RM1,000 0.05% Uncapped
RM1,001 - RM2,000 0.50% Uncapped
RM2,001 - RM3,000 5% Uncapped
RM3,001 and above 0.25% Uncapped

Although the annual fee is quite high, we think the waiver totally makes up for it. You'll get your annual fee waived when you spend a minimum of RM12,000 per year from the second year onward. That should be simple enough, just make sure to spend at least RM1,000 per month to unlock the waiver.

All in all, cashback credit cards are one of the popular choices for Malaysians. And if you find yourself always coming back to shopping online, why not take advantage and reap the rewards from a cashback credit card that's specifically tailored for online shopping? It goes without saying......

Don't waste the chance to get online cashback!

Online shopping credit cards that give cashback

Seasoned online shoppers are always on the lookout for promo codes, sales, and loyalty programs on Zalora, Lazada, Shopee, and plenty of other e-commerce sites. Why not use the right cashback credit card and save even more? With the right cards, you could earn hundreds of Ringgit in cashback - without changing the way you shop.

Of course, getting yourself a credit card that’s good for online shopping doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself to just that credit card. 

The best way to score the biggest cashback returns is to have a selection of cashback cards that you can use for different purposes. For example, if you were to use the UOB YOLO Visa to get cashback for dining and online shopping, you should have another card to get cashback for your groceries and utilities – like the CIMB Cash Rebate.

If you need detailed recommendations, we also have a list of the best credit cards to pay for utilities, as well as the credit cards that offer airport lounge access for seasoned travellers.

So, start thinking about your spending patterns and begin building your cashback credit card arsenal now. 

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