Best Maybank Credit Cards in Malaysia 2023

Maybank has more credit cards to offer than any bank in Malaysia with benefits that help save you money on petrol, flights, shopping or household bills. Get them all with an easy online application.

Overview of Maybank Credit Cards in Malaysia

From AMEX to MasterCard and Visa, Maybank credit cards offer dining and hotel discounts, travel and golfing privileges, petrol and grocery cashback, TreatsPoints and many more—all at zero annual fees!

Benefits of Maybank Credit Cards

The benefits of a Maybank credit card are abundant. For starters, you can enjoy the advantages of swift contactless payment via Visa PayWave or MasterCard PayPass with the contactless Maybank credit cards.

On top of that, some Maybank cards are designed to absorb your daily expenses with cashback such as the Maybank American Express Cash Back Gold for high unlimited cashback.

If you like having both cashback and rewards benefits on a credit card, look for  Maybank 2 Gold Cards for fresh graduates, or Maybank Visa Signature for an upgrade. 

Moreover, Maybank cards like the  Maybank World MasterCard and Maybank Visa Infinite give you air miles benefits, which you can use to redeem cheaper or even free flight tickets from your favourite airlines.

Travelling is fun—only when everything goes according to plan. Expect the unexpected with grace and calm as Maybank Malaysia credit cards are equipped with a travel insurance protection plan. 

When you need travel advice, emergency cash, ticket bookings or so on, Maybank premium cardholders can just ring the Visa or MasterCard Concierge Services or AMEX Global Assist for assistance.

Maybank Treats Fair and Discounts

Maybank Credit Cards

Have you heard of Treats Fair? It is an annual event for Maybank principal cardholders to redeem a wide range of reward items.

Even if you miss out on it, the Maybank credit card point redemption program is open all year long, via e-catalogue or on-the-spot redemption.

But remember, your TreatsPoints will expire after 3 years, so hurry up and redeem them if you haven’t.

Not to mention, here is a little something for everyone: food lovers can enjoy up to 40% discount on food and beverages when dining at selected Marriott Bonvoy Participating Hotels and Resorts in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, avid golfers can practice their swings at discounted green fees at their favourite golf club; whereas frequent travellers have free access to the airport lounge and its facilities.

Maybank Online Acquisition 2023 Credit Cards Campaign

Elevate your Eid celebration to the best one yet with Maybank Online Acquisition 2023 Credit Cards Campaign by taking home exclusive prizes for a limited time only.

From 1 April 2023 until 30 June 2023, the first 1,800 eligible customers (600 eligible customers every month) throughout the Campaign Period can grab a one-time cashback prize worth RM150 plus selected gaming consoles when you meet the spending criteria set by the bank. Do read the terms and conditions of this campaign to find more details. Here is an illustration of the prizes and spending criteria.

Card Scheme  Prizes   Spend Criteria   Campaign Period  
Gaming Console  Cashback 
Maybank Visa Cards Xbox Series X

(Top 10 Spenders)

RM150 Cashback (1,800 Winners)   Minimum retail spend of RM300 within the first 45 days from the card approval date   1 April 2023 - 30 June 2023  
Maybank Mastercard Cards 

Nintendo Switch OLED

(Top 10 Spenders)

Maybank American Express Cards 

PlayStation 5

(Top 10 Spenders)

To be eligible for the prize, you must be either a new-to-bank individual or an existing customer of Maybank and Maybank Islamic Berhad who is a resident of Malaysia and is 21 years of age at the time of applying and has yet to own any Maybank/Maybank Islamic principal credit card.

If you fall under the mentioned eligibility criteria, make an online application for a credit card (or more) via Maybank2u, the Maybank website or the MAE App within the Campaign Period, wait for approval by the bank, and perform a minimum retail spend of RM300 within the first 45 days from the card’s approval date to be eligible to participate in this campaign.

If you require any help or enquiries regarding this campaign, please contact Maybank’s Customer Care Hotline at 1-300-88-6688 or +603 7844 3696.

Maybank Easy Payment Plans

With interest rates starting from 0% and a repayment period of up to 36 months, Maybank's 0% EzyPay is available for both Conventional and Islamic credit cards. 

Converting your retail purchases into smaller instalments is simple and cheaper with two choices of Maybank easy payment plan.

You can also withdraw money from your Maybank card via Cash Advance, or loan against your card via Cash Treats or EzyCash.

Maybank AMEX Credit Card—Two is Better Than One!

Get the best of both worlds in a single application: apply for a Maybank AMEX credit card and get a complimentary Maybank Visa or MasterCard credit card, with both cards sharing one statement.

There is a tonne of benefits of owning a Maybank 2 Cards Premier, for example, apart from earning cashback and TreatsPoints. With the Maybank AMEX credit card or Maybank 2 Cards, you can discover a wide range of exclusive deals, discounts and promotions from shopping, dining, and travel to beauty and health, entertainment and credit facilities!

Who Can Apply for a Maybank Credit Card?

On each of the Maybank credit card pages on our website, you can find the eligibility criteria under "Requirements".

Otherwise, you can have a quick look at the table below.

Age of Principal Cardholder 21 - 65 years old
Age of Supplementary Cardholder Minimum 18 years old
Nationality Malaysians and Expatriates
Income Requirement (monthly)*

*Please note that the minimum income requirement for expatriates might be different.

Maybank Credit Card Application

If you’re wondering how to apply for a Maybank credit card, look no further. Submitting an online application is easy to do and it’s easy to check your application status this way as well. Just make sure you fulfil the Maybank requirements and have the prerequisite documents ready at hand.

In general, these are the documents that you need to prepare to apply for a Maybank credit card:

Salaried Employee Self-Employed Expatriate
Copy of IC (both sides) or Passport
✔ Latest BE form with an official tax receipt
✔ Latest 3-month salary slip
✔ Latest 6-month savings account or current account statement
Copy of IC (both sides) or Passport
✔ Copies of Business Registration
✔ Latest 6-month Bank Statement
Copy of Passport
✔ Latest BE form with an official tax receipt
✔ Latest 3-month salary slip
✔ Latest 6-month savings account or current account statement
✔ Letter from employer confirming the duration of employment contract in Malaysia

Compare Top 5 Maybank Credit Cards in 2023:

  1. Maybank Visa Signature
    A card that pays for your lifestyle with up to 5x TreatsPoints and 5% cashback on petrol and groceries spent. Enjoy VIP treatment with a VISA speed pass and 24-hour concierge service.
  2. Maybank 2 Gold Cards
    Apply for Maybank 2 Cards and pay zero annual fees for life for your American Express and MasterCard or Visa. Extra rewards with AMEX include 5x TreatsPoints on all retail and 5% cashback on weekend spending!
  3. Petronas Maybank Visa Platinum
    A free-for-life credit card that collects 8x TreatsPoints on petrol and grocery transactions every weekend. Get a free Touch 'N Go Zing Card so you never have to be stuck with the toll because you didn’t reload again.
  4. Maybank Islamic World Mastercard Ikhwan 
    Travel the world with class. Enjoy 5x TreatsPoints on local & overseas retail transactions, free Takaful coverage, free airport lounge access for 5x a year, as well as dining and golfing privileges.
  5. Maybank American Express Cash Back Gold 
    Grocery shopping and retail therapy will never be dull again with Amex. Enjoy unlimited cashback on local and overseas spending, and save up to 50% on exclusive dining.
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