Affin Islamic And Zurich Takaful Collaborate To Launch Affin Sure Cover Protection

Affin Islamic Bank Berhad and Zurich Takaful Malaysia Berhad have teamed up to jointly launch their first collaborative product, Affin Sure Cover. Affin Sure Cover is a family takaful plan that is both comprehensive and affordable, with monthly contributions starting from RM50 per month.

The  bank’s customers who are aged between 35 to 70 years old can register for the Affin Sure Cover plan without the need for any medical examinations. These include sole proprietors, business partners, or directors of a business entity. The plan offers coverage for insured persons up to 80 years of age and its coverage includes death, accidental death, and policy maturity benefits.

According to Affin Islamic CEO Nazlee Khalifah, this strategic alliance will allow customers of Affin Islamic to be provided with access to Zurich Takaful’s Family Takaful products. Zurich Takaful CEO Mukesh Dhawan said that Affin Sure Cover is one of Zurich’s simplest and easiest plans available, with a guaranteed acceptance feature which means everyone can apply without having to undergo medical check-ups.

Mukesh also added that the takaful market is still underserved and has tremendous potential for growth. “This collaboration complements our focus of reaching more Malaysians, including leveraging technology to keep the close connection with our agents and customers,” he concluded.

To find out more about Affin Sure Cover, you can head on over to the Affin Islamic Enterprise Banking page here.

(Source: The Star, Berita Harian)

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