Agrobank Agro Visa Debit Card-i credit card

Agrobank Agro Visa Debit Card-i

No need to carry around loads of cash! Access and manage your money securely with convenient ATM withdrawals and easy to use Agrobank online banking.

  • RM8.48 annual fee
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Because you should be rewarded for giving the bank your business

Access to your cash at over 29 million Visa merchants all over the world, including 229 ATMs in Malaysia, and more than 3,800 MEPS ATM nationwide.
High daily limit of RM2,000 for retail purchases at Visa networks. You can always ask Agrobank to increase your daily limit up to a maximum of RM10,000.

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Annual Fee
Daily Maximum Cash Withdrawal

All fees & charges are inclusive of 6% GST if applicable


Are you eligible for this debit card?

Minimum age for primary card holder
12 years old
Who can Apply

Agrobank Agro Visa Debit Card-i review

What's so good (or not so good) about it?

Manage Cash Safely

Going cashless is always safer than carrying wads of cash in your pocket, especially if you prefer to walk to where you need to be - pickpockets comes in all shapes and sizes. If you lose your debit card, you can always call the bank for a replacement. Paying a small fee is better than losing a whole month's salary!

Your Agrobank debit cards is equipped with tamper-resistant chip, blocking potential thiefs from copying your personal data and stealing your money. With your Agrobank debit card, you can make easy and automatic utility bill payments, money transfers, and retail purchases using e-Debit.

Once Card, Many Accounts

One of the many inconveniences of the modern world is having too many cards - be it a debit or credit card, in your already bursting wallet. Isn't a bit too much to have 3 or 4 charge cards from the same bank? 

Agrobank allows you to consolidate all of your linked accounts into one single Agro Visa Debit Card-i. You can link up to 10 bank accounts this way.

Cash Withdrawals

For ATM cash withdrawals, you can take out a maximum of RM1,500 per transaction while the daily maximum is quite high at RM6,000 per day, no restrictions to the amount of times you can withdraw a day.

Agrobank limits your daily retail purchases to RM2,000 - for anything higher, you can always compliment your purchases with cash. Better yet, you can always request Agrobank to increase the daily limit up to RM10000.

Fees and Charges

Once Agrobank issues this debit card to you, your linked account will be debited for RM8.48 as card issuance fee. Despite being free to make cash withdrawals, this is only applicable to any of Agrobank ATMs. 

If you withdraw cash at the other local banks, you have to pay RM1.06 at MEPS banks or RM4.24 for the foreign banks. Cash withdrawal via VisaPlus will cost you RM10 per transaction.

Documents Required

Below is a list of supporting documents needed when submitting an application for the Agro Visa Debit Card-i

  • Individual or sole proprietor
  • Identification card 
  • Police ID card holders or Army ID card holder
  • Birth certificate and MyKad (for in-trust account)
  • Passport (for non-resident)

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