Public Bank To Charge Customers For Using Cash and Cheques For Card And Loan Repayment

In an effort to encourage mobile banking, Public Bank will soon charge its customers for performing certain transactions over-the-counter.

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Public Bank has recently announced that it will impose fees on any loan and credit card repayment using cash and cheques starting April 2019.

In an announcement on Public Bank’s website, customers who repay their credit card balance or loans over the counter will be required to pay a RM2.00 fee for each transaction. In addition, customers will be charged RM0.50 for every transaction performed at the following:

  • Cash Deposit Terminal,
  • Cash Recycling Machine, and
  • Cheque Deposit Machine.

Customers are encouraged to use the following list of services which are free of charge:

  • Standing Instruction with the Account Holding branch,
  • The bank’s ATM,
  • Online and mobile banking services (PBe or PB engage) such as Instant Fund Transfer and Interbank Giro.

However, Public Bank will waive the fees for senior citizens, the disabled and customers who do not have access to a current or savings account with the bank.

The announcement, like the removal of the instant fund transfer fee by all the banks in Malaysia on 1 July , is another an example of banks encouraging its customers to utilise mobile banking and embrace cashless transactions.

(Source: Public Bank)


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  • Kev

    No fair at all. Banks are just finding ways to milk more money out from customer. They just want blind money. Bank Negara needs to take control and ensure these kinds of day light roberries are stopped. Already we are being charged for the ATM card. This needs to stop

    • carson

      agree with you please do write a complain to bank negara seem the banker are try to take more milk from the consumer made aduan to
      [email protected].my

    • Sheldon Yap

      This is ridiculous,,,,

      • yvonne mok

        yuh, not reasonable to the customer as well. With this might be more customer will not use PBB.

        • carson

          even their want to implement cash less can use other way rather then charge consumer extra even we deposit by our own at ATM still need to charge unfair

        • Suresh murugasu

          Haw I get my money

          • I love kari

            why not fair... u know how to type here, should know how to transfer money online or on phone.

            • Cclim

              Typing is one thing transferring money is another u make mistake transferring money u lose everything

              • Tony Tan

                Just wondering is this approved by bank negara
                It's really day light robbery

                • Miko

                  Paying cash also charge?! Totally insane and ridiculous!!!

                  • Steven

                    This is totally bullshit!!! Pay money also want to charge!!! My as well take off this service!! So this is the kind of services bank provide. Good job

                    • carson

                      I think we as a Malaysian citizen we need to voice out to bank negara [email protected].my

                      • carson

                        Now PPB no more trusted bank now is a pirate banker suck the consumer blood

                        • Able

                          The actual culprit is BNM which is condoning such unfair practices to fleece the customers of the Bank. BNM only acts to make the Banks grow rich and they are least bothered about the consumer although they pretend to to so

                          • Micheal

                            BNM may have mislead everybody telling customers to use the CDMs or ATMs but now they are forcing the customers to pay extra, further. They want customers to use internet Banking, not everybody have a computer plus how reliable is this service.