EZ-Link & Touch 'n Go Collaborate To Launch Combi Card, A Cross-Border Payment Card

EZ-Link and Touch n’ Go has announced Combi Card, a dual-currency, cross-border payment card.

At today’s 9th Malaysia-Singapore Leaders Retreat, EZ-Link and Touch 'n Go announced Combi Card, a dual-currency, cross-border payment card. Touted as the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, Combi Card’s is expected to launch in Q4 this year.

Combi Card is the result of a partnership that began in 2017 between Singapore’s EZ-Link and Malaysia’s Touch 'n Go. The idea behind Combi Card is to enable seamless cross-border use of a single payment card that shares the functionality and acceptance of an EZ-Link or Touch 'n Go card.

"The Touch ‘n Go and EZ-Link cards have been an essential part of everyday touchpoint for both the Malaysian and Singaporean consumers across transit, mobility and retail. The partnership inked with EZ- Link is one of the many ways Touch ‘n Go Sdn. Bhd is innovating to bring the benefits of cashless payments to wider market segments," said Syahrunizam Tan Sri Samsudin, CEO, Touch ‘n Go Sdn. Bhd.

Expected to launch in Q4 2019, Combi Card would first allow users to pay for urban mobility in both countries. Specifically, Combi Card will support electronic road pricing (ERP) in Singapore and highway tolls in Malaysia, as well as parking in specific locations in both countries. In the future, Combi Card will support payment for shopping and dining as well – just like both the EZ-Link and Touch 'n Go cards.


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