Finance Ministry Holds Weekly Polls To Get Public’s Opinion On Budget 2021

In a bid to adopt a participatory approach for the upcoming Budget 2021, the Finance Ministry has kickstarted a series of weekly polls on several issues to let the Malaysian public have its say in the national budget. The polls, which are already ongoing, will continue until 1 November 2020.

Each week, the ministry will open the poll for a new issue to the public, with topics covering key matters such as embracing a sustainable lifestyle, assistance for the needy, and addressing social issues. The results will then be used by the government to decide on the priorities of Budget 2021. Here is the full schedule of the polls for your reference:

  • Embracing a sustainable lifestyle (28 Sept – 4 Oct)
  • Assistance for the needy (5 Oct – 11 Oct)
  • Addressing social issues (12 Oct – 18 Oct)
  • Cultivating a caring society (19 Oct – 25 Oct)
  • Focusing on NGO and community activities towards a quality life (26 Oct – 1 Nov)

The weekly polls are hosted on the Budget 2021 portal that was launched in August, complementing the Finance Ministry’s Budget 2021 consultation roadshow. It is intended as a way to obtain public input for the national budget.

According to the portal, Budget 2021 – which is set to be announced on 6 November 2020 – will focus on four key areas: safeguarding the welfare of the rakyat, driving economic growth, enabling sustainable living, and enhancing public service delivery.

To cast your votes for these weekly polls, head on over to the Budget 2021 portal here.

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