Editor’s Note: Introducing The New And Improved RinggitPlus Blog!

ringgitplus blog new

ringgitplus blog new

You may have noticed that articles on RinggitPlus have a completely new look recently. I’m happy to announce that as part of RinggitPlus’ commitment to quality content, we’ve revamped our blog and given it the upgrade it deserves.

This isn’t so much a cosmetic upgrade as it is an overhaul. Thanks to the hard work of our talented developers and UI designers, we have a new blog platform that lets us do so much more for our readers. I’m excited to share some of the massive improvements and optimisations we’ve made to the RinggitPlus blog.

Future-Proofing The Backend

The single biggest upgrade we’ve done was to power the blog with its own content management system (CMS). Leveraging on WordPress, a CMS used by over a billion websites around the world, we’ve not just plugged a supercharger into our old engine, but substituted it with a brand new one that’s better suited for today’s media landscape.

We’ve migrated our entire content library from way back in 2013 over to WordPress, a painstaking process that is a lot more complicated that it sounds. Meanwhile, our front-end developers went out of their way designing a UI that retains the RinggitPlus identity, from the fonts all the way to the colour scheme.

But we aren’t doing this just so we can look back at old content. With WordPress we can explore new forms of content thanks to the tools that are now at our disposal. Not only that, daily news content can also be produced quicker, reaching our readers faster.

All that said, I’m very aware that the blog is still quite bare and basic, and will still have some niggling bugs and various housekeeping issues. Please excuse this as we overcome these growing pains as quickly as we find them, and know that we are working hard in the background to flesh out the site. Here’s where we could use some help: if you notice a bug on the RinggitPlus blog, please drop a comment or let us know on our social media pages! I really appreciate that.

OmniSearch Box

The other core aspect of the blog update centred around content discoverability. We had seven years’ worth of content, but no way to find them. We knew we had to fix this, but also to find a way to link it back to the RinggitPlus home page. Here’s where the new OmniSearch box comes into play.

Located at the top of both the RinggitPlus home page and the RinggitPlus blog, OmniSearch serves as a search tool that is available anywhere in the RinggitPlus domain. With the OmniSearch box, the results you’ll get from any keyword will include relevant content as well as related financial products hosted on the main RinggitPlus.com page.

For example, entering “Maybank” will not only yield all blog articles that contains the keyword, but also all Maybank financial products – sorted by type (credit card, fixed deposits, loans, etc).

I think OmniSearch works absolutely fantastic, as it covers the possible intent of RinggitPlus users. Whether you’d like to read the latest news, bank promotions, credit card reviews, or even to find out more about a particular product, OmniSearch has got you covered.

A Renewed Focus To Empower All Malaysians

RinggitPlus exists with a goal to help Malaysians make better financial decisions. This means not only making it easier for Malaysians to apply for financial products, but arming them with the knowledge of how to use them. With a strong commitment to our editorial code, you can expect unbiased and factually correct organic content on the site.

With a brand-new CMS, an expanding editorial team, and a renewed focus to be Malaysia’s leading personal finance platform, I’m very excited with what’s to come in 2020.

I hope you are, too!


Pang Tun Yau
Senior Editor, RinggitPlus

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