Introducing Auntie+, The New Addition To The RinggitPlus Family!

Never fear, now that Auntie+ is here! Armed with decades of experience and a “superpower” in explaining difficult concepts, let’s welcome the new RinggitPlus brand ambassador!


Introducing Auntie+, The New Addition To The RinggitPlus Family!

Have you ever gone through an insurance brochure and be absolutely confused by the jargon used? When applying for a credit card, have you wondered what are the additional fees in the product disclosure sheet? While preparing to apply for a personal loan, do you know how to calculate the total interest that you have to pay?

For most of us, we don’t take the time to find out any of these – only to get bitten later in the future. If only there was someone we could trust to explain all these back then! Now…there is. Auntie+ is here to help!

Having climbed the corporate ladder at renowned investment banking firms, Auntie+ (as she affectionately prefers to be called) has been there and done that. Her decades of experience means she cannot be fooled by fine print and hidden clauses. Past colleagues have noted her uncanny ability to sniff out “dirty clauses” that will affect the user, while others highlight her “superpower” of turning complicated jargon into simple English.

Auntie+ has already proven to be a hit among the millennials working here, offering sassy quips on personal finance such as

“Save for a rainy day, or you can’t even afford an umbrella by then.”

“Man with bad credit score, will never score in life.”

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with applying for travel insurance.”

But most importantly, it is her wealth of knowledge and ability to distil difficult information to be easily understood that makes her stand out (besides her outspoken personality and the fact that she has a pencil in her hair). We believe Auntie+ would be extremely beneficial to Malaysians, especially the young millennials tired of men in suits selling financial products to them.

Auntie+ is already at work, offering tips and simplifying concepts that make her an embodiment of our company tagline. You’ll find them in our dedicated Duit The Easy Way page.


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