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Christmas is a time for merriment but for many, the festivities are plagued by worry over how to pay for it all. On a talk with BFM, RinggitPlus CEO, Siew Yuen Tuck shares a different way of tackling money stress this Christmas.


There’s something about this season. Like any festivity, it’s about spending time catching up with friends and family; appreciating the year that’s passed and revering the religious meaning of the time. But Christmas has become more commercialised than any other with merchants everywhere telling you open your wallets with a ‘Ho Ho Ho’.

For those on limited budgets (and even those who aren’t!) it can be a particularly stressful time on the finances. In a bid to turn things around, RinggitPlus CEO, Siew Yuen Tuck talks to Julian Ng of BFM about a different approach to Christmas that hopefully doesn’t just save you money worries but returns the celebration to it’s core; to what it’s really all about.

It might be a little late in the day to return those expensive gifts but perhaps it’s a thought for Christmases to come.

Have a great holiday season.


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