The RinggitPlus Malaysian Financial Literacy Survey Is Back, And We Need Your Help
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Since 2018, the RinggitPlus Malaysian Financial Literacy Survey helped highlight the plight of Malaysians who struggle with money management – no thanks to poor financial literacy standards. In the years since, we’ve collaborated with various parties to ensure that there is an actionable plan to address the various reasons why 46% of Malaysians are effectively living paycheck to paycheck, or why 22% of Malaysians have savings that can only cover them for a month.

At RinggitPlus, we believe that we should play an active role in helping Malaysians kickstart their journey towards better financial management through RinggitPlus Academy, our HRDF-claimable financial management workshop that covers the essentials of personal finance, and RinggitPlus Financial Planner, our one-to-one certified financial planning service with the lowest rates in the industry to make it accessible to more Malaysians.

Now, it’s that time of the year when we kick off another RinggitPlus Financial Literacy Survey. We want to know how you’ve been doing financially in this challenging year, and as such, we’ve expanded the survey to cover a few other areas – you’ll find that we’ve included topics such as investments and cryptocurrencies, for example.

But we need your help. In order to get results that are statistically representative of Malaysia’s population, we’ll need as many of our readers to complete the survey. Our previous survey results have been picked up not just by news outlets to further shed light on the state of financial literacy in the country, but also in academia as well as by our governing bodies as they shape further strategies to tackle this issue. So every one of your completed surveys will help!

So take a few minutes to complete our survey when you are able to – the survey will be open from now until the end of this month. We will release the results in a virtual press conference in mid-October. See you then!

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