Welcome to the RinggitPlus.com new look

The RinggitPlus.com team has updated the website – its now easier for everyone to get more for their money


Welcome to the RinggitPlus.com new look

Welcome to the all-new RinggitPlus.com, the
website that gets Malaysians more for their money.

We’ve made a few changes to make your website
faster, easier to use, and more responsive to what’s going on in the world of
Personal Finance.

We’ve also added some new features to help
you save when you’re dealing with the bank. Now you can:

  • Find and compare Personal Loans
    and choose borrowing that suits your budget.
  • Search for credit cards, debit
    cards, and loans and find even more useful information to help you make the
    best choice of product.
  • Find the latest promotions and
    discounts to make sure you get the best deal from your bank.

From standing at the whiteboard with no
plan (but a lot of ideas) to re-launching the website the team finished the
project in just six weeks. We’re enormously impressed by this achievement – we
hope you are too.

In fact, we’re so amazed by the resulting performance we believe this is Malaysia’s fastest website!

Underneath the hood we made some big
changes, exchanging Drupal for a Content Management System of our own design. We can now compare and
contrast any product we like, as soon as it comes to market.

Coming up on the product roadmap we have
even more new features to add that will make your life easier, and save you a
ton of money. So please, bookmark us, follow us, or subscribe to our feed.

We’d love to know what you think so please
do drop us a line. We’ll be making a few fine-tuning changes over the next couple of days so do let us know if you find any bugs – send us a Tweet, or message us on Facebook, and tell us how we
can make RinggitPlus.com even better.


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