The First Noteworthy Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Deals Are Here
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The First Noteworthy Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Deals Are Here

If you missed out on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 pre-orders or the roadshow promos and hoping to still get a good deal for one, you’re in luck. We’ve scoured the marketplaces in Lazada and Shopee, and here are the best listings to go for.

With three variants to choose from, and across two official promotions (pre-order and roadshow), there is an abundance of choice if you’re looking to grab a Note 10 on the cheap. The best part is you also have the option of getting just the phone without the freebies for a good discount, or still get the freebies at below retail.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 512GB Deals

Samsung’s highest-end Note model this year has more storage than most laptops (including mine), but hey, if you’re a content creator or someone who hoards videos, the Note 10+ 512GB is designed for you. Whether you actually need all that storage or not, the deals below lets you take a chunk off the RM4,799 price tag.

The best deal we found for the Note 10+ 512GB is on Shopee, where a retailer is still offering pre-order units for the phone – without any markup! At just RM4,199, you also get extended warranty plus screen crack protection as well as a Samsung 10,000mAh wireless charging power bank. Samsung rates the total discount for this bundle at a cool RM1,159.

Meanwhile on Lazada, a retailer is offering the Note 10+ 512GB for RM4,699, but bundles an extensive amount of useful freebies. You get a free Samsung Galaxy Buds, extended warranty and screen crack protection, and a 10,000mAh power bank. Don’t forget to use the seller voucher to get an extra RM100 off.

If you prefer getting just the phone only at the best price, another retailer on Shopee offers the Note 10+ 512GB for RM4,499 and includes the extended warranty and screen crack protection. Overall, this deal still doesn’t match the pre-order deal, but this is the next best thing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 256GB Deals

For most people, this variant would be the preferred option. There’s an abundance of storage space that’s not excessive (and more expensive) like the 512GB variant. In any case, if you’ve been eyeing this model, here are the best deals.

If you’re looking for freebies to go with your new phone, a retailer in Lazada is offering two bundles for the Note 10+ 256GB. The first bundle comes with the Galaxy Fit (worth RM369), a 10,000mAh Samsung power bank, and extended warranty with screen crack protection for RM4,199, while the second bundle offers just the power bank with extended warranty and screen crack protection at RM3,999.

Both these bundles are better than the standalone offers we found. Tesco is offering RM250 off all Galaxy Note 10 models (code TESCONOTE10), while popular phone retailer G Store is offering the Note 10+ 256GB for RM3,999 (excluding a RM50 seller voucher) – both these listings have a final price of RM3,949.

The best value for money deal for this model is with the freebies, and depending on your opinion on a free fitness tracker, the two bundles are both worth their prices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Deals

The baby of the Note 10 trio, the Galaxy Note 10’s smaller body opens up the Note experience to a wider audience. Always wanted to try the S Pen but hated the huge phone size? The Note 10 is here, and we’re here to make sure you don’t pay the full RM3,699 retail price with these curated deals below.

The best deal of the lot remains the pre-order offer that this retailer is offering. For the same RM3,699 price, you get everything in the pre-order bundle, which includes a Galaxy Buds wireless earphones (great to pair with a phone with no headphone jack!), a 10,000mAh wireless charging power bank, and the extended warranty with screen crack protection.

Alternatively, you could opt for this retailer’s offer in Lazada, which offers a free Galaxy Fit E, 10,000mAh power bank, and extended warranty with screen crack protection for RM3,688. Don’t forget to collect and use the RM100 seller voucher to get a final price of RM3,588.

Finally, if you prefer to just get the phone, don’t. The best listings we found for this option is the same as the Note 10+ 256GB, which is RM3449 by Tesco (with RM250 seller voucher), and RM3,469 by G Store (with RM30 seller voucher). They both don’t come with extended warranty either, so they don’t have much value compared to the bundles above.

Remember, for big ticket purchases like these, always try to use the right credit cards to earn more value. There are several cashback credit cards that can further reduce the total amount spent, or for even better value in the long run, consider a good air miles credit card and get a strong headstart towards a free flight ticket.


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