How much would you pay for a Minion?
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It appears Malaysia has gone completely start raving bonkers
over Minions – those cute yellow guys from the Despicable Me movies. McDonald’s Malaysia starting running a campaign giving away little plastic
minions upon release of the movie a few weeks ago: little did they know the
move would cause them broken shutters, irate customers and a swarm of secondary
sellers touting minions for ridiculous prices on their page.

How much would you pay for a Minion?

So we wondered: how much would you pay for a plastic toy
Minion that initially cost RM3? has them for as little as RM30 (each) up to a
whopping RM80!

Can’t find the one you want there? No sweat, try

From RM75 for a set to RM1500? Now that’s insane! If you
still can’t find the ones you want, look no further than McDonald’s Malaysia’s
own Facebook page!


But are people really buying at these prices? Looks like yes. Check
out a closed listing on Lelong; two minions for RM100 with a bid! 

There’s a good chance that after weeks of waking up at 12 midnight and fighting with strangers in a 3 hour queue at McD your minion will end up at the back of a dusty shelf forgotten. But until then, the colour of the month is yellow. Scalping sellers are laughing all the way to the bank and I just may have to lock my one and only minion up real tight at the office.


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