BNM Launches The #MyDuitStory Challenge To Spread Positivity Among The Public

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has teamed up with the Financial Education Network (FEN) to run the #MyDuitStory challenge.

The challenge, which was launched on 1 April 2020, has a simple goal: to generate positivity and to encourage Malaysians to share inspiring money management tips during this MCO period. Whether it’s tapping into online promotions, making bulk purchases, or any other innovative methods to save more, FEN wants you to share them with other Malaysians – and maybe even learn from you!

Here’s how you can join your fellow Malaysians in this fun. Use the following template to share your financial tip/story on Instagram or Facebook. You can also tag five (or more!) family members or friends to encourage them to participate as well.


Bank Negara Malaysia, together with other Financial Education Network members are calling for all Malaysians to spread positivity.

Empower and inspire Malaysians by sharing your story on how you manage your finances from home so that we can learn from each other. Is there any new financial-related thing you learned while staying at home? Or give Malaysians some tips on innovative ways to spend wisely, spend less or earn money during this MCO.

Step 1: Begin with ‘#MyDuitStory Challenge Accepted’

Step 2: Post your story on your Facebook / Instagram profile (Be sure to set your post to ‘public’ so others can benefit from your story) and attach a picture or video

Step 3: Nominate at least 5 friends to take on this challenge

Step 4: Copy and paste the text in this post and pass the message along



The #MyDuitStory challenge is your chance to empower and inspire your countrymen as we stand together in solidarity to overcome this difficult time. After all, what are we as a nation if not united and resilient?

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