Standard Chartered Introduces Phone Call Authentication Via SMS Verification

Update 17 June 2020: This article has been updated to emphasise that the service is aimed at priority banking customers, and includes a quote from the bank.

Standard Chartered Bank has introduced an easy way to check for the authenticity of its calls to customers via its new SMS validation process.

This new process is designed mainly for priority banking customers to authenticate calls received from their Standard Chartered Relationship Managers, who may contact customers on mobile numbers. To authenticate a call from a Standard Chartered staff member, make a note of the caller’s name and the mobile number they called you from. Then, SMS SCBCHECK<space><caller phone number> to 66399.

You will receive an SMS which you should cross-check against the details provided by the bank staff who called you earlier. If they match, you can proceed with confidence knowing that the person who called you is a validated Standard Chartered staff member. If it doesn’t, you will receive the SMS below:

“At Standard Chartered Bank, we strive to provide our customers a world class banking experience with all the security and convenience possible. The SMS Validation process, a simple 3-step process, allows our customers to validate calls from our Relationship Managers, giving them peace of mind and comfort that they are speaking to an actual Standard Chartered staff,” said Aizuddin Danian, Head of Digital Banking at Standard Chartered Malaysia.

“Given how the world is changing because of COVID19 and the various MCOs Malaysia has undertaken, we feel that this is an important extra step to protect our customers from tele fraud and scams,” he continued.

This new process by Standard Chartered is a good initiative given the rising prevalence of various phone-related scams these days. While the SMS validation is not mandatory, the service offers Standard Chartered priority banking customers the option of extra security and comfort in confirming that their phone call was made by an authorised Standard Chartered Relationship Manager.

(Source: Standard Chartered Bank)

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