3 Reasons Why SME Business Owners Should Consider RHB SME Online Financing
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Findings from The Mastercard Impact Study for SMEs revealed that 2021 could be the year of recovery for many small-to-medium businesses. Between one fifth to one third of the businesses surveyed, depending on their industry, indicated that their operations had returned to pre-pandemic levels. 

Although many SMEs are on the path to recovery, they are still met with challenges. To suit the new normal, many SMEs have to reassess their business model, determine if there’s a need to explore new markets, introduce new products and not to forget, become digitalised.

Whether you’re looking to reinvent your business or enhance your digital operations, business owners can consider the RHB SME Online Financing that offers up to RM1 million financing with low interest.

Up To RM1 Million Financing  

Many SMEs are starting to regain stability this year which is a testament to their agility and ability to adopt new ways of doing business. While recovering, SMEs might need additional resources to continue to stay ahead in the new normal. 

RHB SME Online Financing is one of the first digital lending services in Malaysia created exclusively for SMEs. It provides financing up to RM1,000,000 for tenures between six to 84 months with no collateral needed and interest starting from 4.75% per annum.

Many SMEs had to overhaul their business model during the pandemic, all while battling restrictions and the economic crisis. Over the course of the pandemic, 21% established an online presence for their business and 39% enhanced an existing online operation in order to better reach customers. 

Adapting to the new normal takes time and money. If you’re thinking about getting extra financing to enhance your working capital or boost your cash flow in the new normal, apply for the SME Online Financing from RHB.

Only 10 Minutes To Apply Online

The new normal environment that we are in has shifted our preference towards remote banking including loan application as opposed to traditional face-to-face meetings. Digitally-driven financial products and services just make it easier and safer for everyone to use.

The RHB SME Online Financing takes the application process online and requires only the minimum of documents. SME owners can apply for financing online and via RinggitPlus and submit supporting documents digitally, all within their fingertips in just 10 minutes. It’s simple and only two documents are required – a digital copy of the SME owners’ Malaysian Identity Card (MYKAD) and bank statements of the past six months.

In addition, SMEs can also easily apply for the financing via the new RHB Financing (SME) Mobile App. Powered by AI, the app automates the customer on-boarding process and enables customers to interact with RHB’s relationship managers while submitting their applications remotely and securely at their convenience.

Speedy Approval in Four Steps

In a fast-moving world, speed is key especially for SME owners who’re constantly on the go, making decisions and striving to stay ahead. The RHB SME Online Financing provides approval as fast as five working days for processing. It also has an easy-to-monitor online status tracking for the convenience of SME owners. 

You can get your approval in only four simple steps. Firstly, start your application from the comforts of your own home or office. There’s no need to step into any branch. Secondly, just complete your basic application details. There is no need to fill up any physical forms. 

Thirdly, all you need to do is upload your documents that include the most recent six months bank statement of the main operating bank and copies of MYKAD of all business owners. Lastly, just keep track of your application from start to finish.


Financial institutions play a major role in the growth of SMEs, which make up 98.5% of all business establishments in Malaysia. According to the Mastercard Impact Study for SMEs, around 66% of SMEs wanted lower interest rates on loans, naming that as the most valuable form of support for their operations. 

To support SMEs during this economic recovery phase, digital financing products are developed to provide convenience and safety to everyone. So, if you’re looking to supplement your business with larger capital, be sure to check out the RHB SME Online Financing for up to RM1 million financing with low interest, safe application, and fast approval.

Apply for RHB SME Online Financing via RinggitPlus!

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