Luno To Revamp Website And App With Fresh Look, Starting Next Week
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(Image: The Malaysian Reserve/Razak Ghazali)

Luno has shared that it will be revamping its website and app with a new look starting from 17 January 2022. The update will be rolled out in stages, and may take up to a week to appear for some users.

In an email sent out to its users, the cryptocurrency exchange specified that users will see two key changes, namely:

  • App tile with new symbol: The Luno app on your device home screen will feature a new brand symbol. This symbol will also be used as Luno’s social media avatars.
  • New theme: The old space-themed illustrations will be replaced with new ones, featuring a fresh colour palette as well.

Luno also reassured its users that all changes made this time round will only involve the aesthetics of the platform. “These changes will only impact the appearance of the platform. You can continue to use Luno just as before – your cryptocurrency will remain safely stored in your wallets,” it said.

To see these fresh updates, make sure to update your Luno app to the latest version between 17 to 24 January 2022.

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