Citi eWallet Campaign Offers RM400 In Cashback And Additional 10x Rewards Points
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Citibank has launched an e-wallet top-up campaign for all Citi credit cardholders, offering up to RM400 in cashback and also an additional 10x rewards points just by topping up the eligible e-wallets using your Citi credit cards. The 2020 Citi eWallet Campaign has several sub-campaigns under this main promotion – which vary according to the type of Citi credit card you have as well as the rewards you stand to gain.

If you have a Citi card and regularly use e-wallets, keep reading.

2020 Citi eWallet Cashback Campaign: Get Up To RM400 In Cashback

This campaign is open to all principal cardholders of Citi Visa or Mastercard credit cards. There are five e-wallets eligible for top-up under the campaign: Boost, GrabPay, Touch ’n Go eWallet, BigPay, and Lazada Wallet. The campaign is divided into two sub-campaigns; you can earn up to RM150 in the first and up to RM250 in the second.

Sub-Campaign 1: Earn Up To RM150 In Cashback From 7 February – 30 April 2020

Citi cashback campaign EWallets

All you need to do is top up an eligible e-wallet with a minimum of RM100 once every month from February (starting from 7 February) to April. At the end of those three months, you will be eligible for RM30 worth of cashback for one e-wallet, which works out to 10% in cashback returns.

You can get more cashback by topping up more than one e-wallet – allowing you to earn up to RM150 cashback in three months if you make the required monthly top-ups across all five e-wallets. Here’s the example provided by Citi:

visa e-wallet top up campaign

The total cashback to be given out under this sub-campaign is capped at RM250,000 throughout the campaign period. The cashback will be rewarded on a first-come-first-served basis, based on when your transaction is made during the month of April (the final campaign month).

Take note of this, as it means the eligibility of this sub-campaign’s total cashback hinges on what time you perform your e-wallet top-ups in April.

Sub-Campaign 2: Top Up For Five Consecutive Months And Get Up To RM250 In Cashback

citi credit cards

If you want more cashback, you can participate in the second cashback sub-campaign. To qualify, top up RM100 into an eligible e-wallet for five consecutive months anywhere between 7 February and 31 December. You will then be rewarded with RM50 in cashback at the end of the five months – 10% in cashback returns.

Again, you can earn more cashback by topping up multiple eligible e-wallets, earning you up to RM250 in cashback. The total cashback under this sub-campaign is capped at RM500,000 on a first-come, first-served basis. Here’s the illustration provided by Citi:

citi e wallet top up campaign

So, you can earn anywhere from RM30 in cashback to a total of RM400 under this main cashback campaign – depending on how many e-wallets you top up and whether you do it for three or five months in a row.

Based on the T&Cs of both sub-campaigns, it does seem that you can participate both sub-campaigns concurrently. So, if you top up just RM100 every month from now until April, that should fulfil your requirements for the first sub-campaign and leave you two months to go to complete sub-campaign part two.

The terms and conditions for this campaign can be found here for Visa cardholders and here for Mastercard holders. Despite the different documents for Visa and Mastercard cardmembers, both sets of terms and conditions are the same.

By Invitation Only: Earn 10X Bonus Rewards Points with 2020 Citi eWallet Cashback And Rewards Campaign

citi rewards cards

In addition, Citi has another version of its e-wallet campaign that offers both cashback and additional 10x rewards points. Sounds too good to be true? Well, this campaign is strictly by invitation only to selected Citi cardholders of rewards-point based credit cards. Invited users will receive an SMS informing them of eligibility.

The cashback mechanics for this campaign are identical to those of the cashback-only promotion we’ve explained above. It is divided into two sub-campaigns offering up to RM400 in cashback and the requirements for earning the cashback are exactly the same.

The bonus in this particular campaign lies in the additional 10x rewards points you can get from e-wallet top-ups under Sub-Campaign Part 1. That’s the part that requires you to top up your e-wallet from February to April; you don’t get additional rewards points for the second sub-campaign which requires you to top up for 5 months in a row.

As an example, let’s say you top up RM100 into each of the five eligible e-wallets for three months, spending RM1,500 altogether. Under your normal 1x rewards points earning, you would be getting 1,500 Rewards Points. Thanks to the campaign, you will get an additional 10x points multiplier, earning you 16,500 rewards points (1,500 + 15,000 bonus) for your top-ups. Note that you can top up any amount to earn the 10x bonus points, making this potentially really rewarding for heavy e-wallet users.

There is a monthly cap of 200,000,000 Rewards Points to be given out, with a total campaign cap of 600,000,000 over the three-month campaign. These will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis based on when the qualifying transaction is made each month.

If you have been invited to participate in this campaign, it is unlikely that you will be able to participate and reap the benefits of the cashback-only campaign too – given that this campaign is basically the cashback campaign plus additional rewards points benefits.

The terms and conditions can be found here for Visa cardholders and here for Mastercard cardholders, but again, both versions are the same.


e tunai e wallets photo

(Image: The Sun Daily)

For those who top up their e-wallets regularly, this campaign is an incredibly easy way to get a rewarding 10% cashback. Even if you only use one out of the five participating e-wallets, you can get at least RM30 in cashback after three months; if you use all five, you’ll earn the most.

Not to forget, on top of your 10% campaign cashback for topping up, you still get to reap whatever benefits your e-wallet has to offer when you spend the money in your e-wallet!

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3 years ago

If i spend only at ewallet montlhy RM 150.00 , do I still get cash back?

Pang Tun Yau
3 years ago

Yup it should be, as long as your top up value must be a minimum of RM100 per transaction to be eligible.

KG Tan
3 years ago

For sub campaign 1, for month 4 and month 5, is it understood as 1.May to 31.May and also 1.June to 30 June?

So because it is first come first serve basis, that means i must top up on the 1 May and 1 June as early as possible to reap the benefits to secure it. Am i right?

Jacie Tan
3 years ago
Reply to  KG Tan

Sub campaign 1 only lasts for 3 months from February to April. For sub campaign 2, the months don’t necessarily have to start from February – it’s just any 5 consecutive months between February and December. As such, it’s not stated in the T&C precisely which month you should be topping up ASAP in order to be one of the first-come-first-served, but topping up as early as possible during each month does seem like a good strategy anyway!

Tan Keat Seang
3 years ago

If I read the T&C of Citibank correctly, the cashback is not guaranteed. It is “you stand a chance to win…”

Pang Tun Yau
3 years ago
Reply to  Tan Keat Seang

Yes, it’s on a first come, first served basis.

Lee CW
2 years ago

I only received rm30 cashback but not rm50 even continue to top up every month till Nov

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