How much bubble tea are you getting for your buck (or ringgit!)?

As you sip your favourite bubble tea drink at the neighbourhood mall kiosk; have you ever wondered how much bubble you are getting for your RM5.90?


Bubble Tea, Pearl Milk Tea, Boba, whatever
you call it these tea-based concoctions with treasures of tapioca balls
underneath are a hit among Malaysians. In seemed like just yesterday when we
noticed this Taiwanese import making an appearance in shopping malls around the
Klang Valley. Back then there was only one dominant franchise but nowadays you
hardly need to walk a stretch without running into a few bubble tea kiosks.

We’re sure everyone has their favourite
brand of slushy bubble teas, just like the crew at RinggitPlus. We decided to
find out which bubble tea brand was the ‘best’. Of course we realise that taste
is a matter of personal opinion but just to satisfy our curiosity we hit the
town to find the franchise that sells the best bubble tea in terms of taste and

The contenders lined-up for the challenge
are: Cha Time, Ochado, Gong Cha and Come Buy.

Our methodology was simple. Armed with an
electronic scale and self-made strainers fashioned out of coffee filters we
measured the amount of tea and tapioca balls from each brand and gave a rating
based on those criteria.

After an afternoon of merry tea drinking
and cleaning up after we present you the results; hopefully answering that pivotal
question, “how much bubble are you getting for your buck? (or ringgit!)”:

How much bubble tea are you getting for your buck (or ringgit!)?


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