What cheap Hipsters do for Halloween costumes

With Halloween just a week away, we’ve got the most oddball outfit you can make on the cheap that’ll surely make you stand out in a crowd. Provided the lights are turned off.


Ah Halloween! The perfect excuse to go about being someone you’re not!

The costuming industry in Malaysia is booming but a snazzy set of Superman or Minion threads don’t come cheap. Costume rentals start at RM70 and up to RM300 for really elaborate pieces but there’s always that age old problem – you’re still going to look like everyone else. I mean, how many times have you attended an office dress-up party and seen 3 pirates, 2 Cleopatras and atleast 7 Disney Princesses?

If you’re a Hipster, you probably cringe at these mainstream outfits. Even your favourite Trek character is likely taken by at least 2 from Accounting and the odd Admin person.

But check out what these (most likely) Hipster parents did for their tot. True, it’s cuter on a 2 foot baby and works best when the lights go out but how cool an outfit is that?

Best part: it will cost you about RM50 to RM80 to get it all together. If you are interested, here is how you can make one for yourself and for your family and friends.

Happy weekend people!


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