Why China's Spurned "99 iPhone 6 Proposal" Man Still Wins the Internet
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Whilst you wait in line or stalk eBay auctions in the wee hours for that one iPhone 6 that will make your life complete (until the iPhone 7 of course); this dude in China has 99 of them. Yes, you’ve probably all heard of the story of the Chinese developer who proposed to whom he thought was his equally geeky girlfriend. Unfortunately, the girl wasn’t entirely impressed with the 99 iPhone offering and turned the guy down.

Though it’s possible he may have fared better by buying her 99 pairs of shoes (we’ve yet to meet a lady who would say no to shoe shopping); there’s no sense crying over spilt iMilk. So what now will become of surplus phones?

Why China's Spurned "99 iPhone 6 Proposal" Man Still Wins the Internet

$82,000 Poorer; 99 iPhones Richer: What Now?

We’re not even sure how he got so many. Money aside (approximately a whopping $82,000/RM274,000); how many Chinese Mafiosi did he have to pay to get this many? Or did he bribe 98 people to stand in line with him?

But whilst some reports are asking what the man will now do with his 98 (we’re guessing he wants to keep one for himself) iPhones – we’ve got some suggestions that should make him enough money to take the sting out of that rejection.

  1. Sell to countries hit by US trade sanctions. In a report by TIME; countries hit by US trade sanctions will have a hard time buying iPhones (not impossible thanks to the dawn of e-commerce). Some of the noted countries on the sanction list are North Korea, Sudan, Iran, Syria and Cuba. Although, the sale of iPhones would only interest the richer folks in these countries; we’re sure he can find 98 of them. He could try Cuba’s Nouveau Rich, the Rich Kids of Tehran, or Pyongyang’s Elite Luxury Shoppers.
  2. Sell to those waiting in line in countries due to receive their iPhone 6 shipment. According to tech sites; November 14th is the date of the next iPhone 6 rollout for countries such as Brazil, Philippines, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay, Guatemala, Lebanon, Kenya, Nigeria, and what do you know; Malaysia. How much would you pay not to line up for hours or even days? If Mr 99-iPhones could sell each of his 98 surplus phones for an additional $50 (RM167); he’d have made an additional $4,900 (RM16,376) in profit. He could use this to pay for the flight and free holiday in whichever country he chose to stalk iPhone buyer queues. We (Malaysia) and the Philippines are pretty close to China. Maybe AirAsia might sponsor a ticket for the publicity.
  3. Be a fanboy scalper and sell the phones for a killing on eBay or anywhere you can pitch a tent (close to where the fanboys gather). Scalpers exist for every product where there appears to be more demand than supply or if the process of buying is unusually painful (re: waiting in ridiculous queues for more time than it probably takes to make the item). Scalpers typically have no intention of owning the item; they buy lots of it to resell to actual interested buyers for a killer profit. Sometimes called Secondary Market; money really talks here. Chinese scalpers were reported to be squatting right outside shops in Hong Kong selling their iPhones. We did entertain the possibility that iRomeo here may actually have had the intention to be a scalper all along and the girlfriend on Singles Day was the perfect ruse for free marketing: because now everyone knows who he is; where he is and that he has a surplus of 98 iPhones.

iphone scalpers

And that’s Why He Wins

Think about it: whether or not said girlfriend gave him a yes or no; he would still have at least 97 iPhones (we’re assuming he would give her one) to sell at ridiculously high prices on the secondary market. In fact, her response is pretty much immaterial. This stunt garnered this dude so much publicity; there’ll be no end to fan-girls and boys knocking at his door for an iPhone.

You sir, just won the Internet.


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