Worker quits because his salary is too high
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A 32-year-old IT worker in Bengaluru, India has reportedly quit his job because his salary was too high.

Sandeep Jia earned the equivalent of £450 (RM2299) and had previously complained to his superiors that his high salary was making him depressed. Despite the complaints, management did nothing about the matter and Sandeep felt forced to quit his job. He said he felt ‘guilty’ as so many in his city lived in situations of almost destitution.

‘I was getting depressed, and in the end I decided to solve the problem by leaving and looking for a different job,’ he explained.

Worker quits because his salary is too high

We bet a lot more people would like to have Sandeep’s problems.

But jokes aside, the also reported that according to psychologists, guilt appears to be a growing problem in India as the gap between the rich and poor grow.

Would you quit your job because you earn more than most people you know? Colour us skeptical!

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