Tune Protect Launches Two Affordable Home Insurance Products, Home Easy & Home Shield
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Tune Protect Malaysia has launched two home insurance products, Home Easy & Home Shield. Home Easy can be purchased directly online through the Tune Protect website and app, whereas Home Shield can be bought through Tune Protect agents.

The plans offer houseowner insurance, which covers the actual building of your residence, and householder insurance, which protects your household content and personal effects. The Home Shield plan includes both of these aspects of cover, whereas for Home Easy, you can choose between either houseowner or householder coverage, or both.

The plans provide coverage against fire, lightning, storms, landslides, explosions, bursting pipes, flood, and robbery-related damages. Besides that, you can also add on top up packs for more coverage, such as landlord insurance, mortgage loan protection, home care, smart home devices, and personal liability.

According to Tune Protect, Home Easy is currently the cheapest online home insurance policy on the market and offers more than 40% in premium savings. To demonstrate its foremost affordability in the market, Tune Protect has launched a Lowest Price Guarantee campaign, where it offers to make good the difference if a customer finds a cheaper quote in the market from now until 31 August 2021.

Moreover, by purchasing Home Easy from Tune Protect’s online channels, customers get to enjoy an additional 15% direct rebate on premiums, and earn 5 BIG Rewards Points for every RM1 of premium. On top of that, Tune Protect has pledged to contribute RM6 to Yayasan Chow Kit’s Madhya’s Gift fund for every Home Easy policy sold from now until 31 December 2021.

Meanwhile, if you purchase Home Shield through a Tune Protect agent, you get to enjoy a 10% financial buffer (Safety Net benefit) in addition to the total sum insured of your residential building under houseowner protection.

For homeowners who have existing protection and would like to purchase this new home insurance plan, do refer to Tune Protect’s handy Switchover Guide to assist you in the process. You can visit the Tune Protect website to find out more about Home Easy and Home Shield.

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